Hospital plumbers include the wholesaler on the team

Hospital plumbers include the wholesaler on the team

Collaboration: Ingrid Sophie Solstad and Tor Arne Abrahamsen have found new ways to work together at the new hospital in Narvik.


Gardermoen: Stavanger Hospital is a NOK 210 million business. Narvik Hospital needed a brand new warehouse. In hospital projects, both Sig. Halvorsen and Åge Nilsen in a whole new way with the wholesaler.

They don’t agree at all on how complicated it is, but they rethought exactly the same thing when they got the megaprojects.

sig. Halvorsen and Age Nielsen talked about their experiences with megaprojects at Connecta’s business days. Both of them chose to expand their cooperation with their own wholesaler.

640 rooms with bathroom

– It’s Norway’s largest construction site, and 640 rooms will have their own bathroom, says Frode Horbstad of Sage. Halvorsen.

He is talking about the new hospital in Ulandhaug in Stavanger. There, sandnes supplies piping systems and heating and cooling systems.

1,250 toilets: 640 rooms with attached bathroom and a total of 1,250 toilets. Halvorsen installed as part of the project.

– We started in 2020 and finished most of them this year. Then there will be something new during commissioning. We have technically complex buildings, with heating, cooling and sewage. He says there is a lot of complicated piping work involved.

– The sterilization center is a huge work with tubes, not least the operating rooms. Then there’s the radiography, the helipad, the emergency department and the ambulances – all the technically demanding things in the new hospital.

1000 different comments

Horbstad uses suspension as an example. sig. Halvorsen has installed suspension systems of all trades – whether piping, electrical or ventilation. Seven different shutdowns were described, but the job ended with more than 1,000 comments.

Lifting Assistance: On such large projects, it is important to get the goods to the right place at the right time, hence a time may need to be scheduled for lifting.

Lifting Assistance: On such large projects, it is important to get the goods to the right place at the right time, hence a time may need to be scheduled for lifting.

An organization of about 100 men was to be organized. Lots and lots of shift work assigned. And not least: a lot of logistics.

– We did not receive any goods that were delivered directly to the construction site. Everything went to Brodrin Dahl. There it was repacked, then the pallets and packing were taken away. Horbstad explains that the rules told the logistics manager when you would get the goods.

Special wholesale staff

The wholesaler has put together his project portfolio for the big hospital project.

– There were two people who were 100 per cent committed to this: one in technical sales and the other in logistics, says Eric Meyer of Brødrene Dahl.

– We used the central warehouse as much as possible, and everything that was delivered was well marked, says Meyer.

Frode Horpestad thinks this is a project that the two really succeeded in, with good communication and quick handling of problems.

The original contract amount was NOK 171 million. With additional work and index adjustment, we expect 210 million. We were over NOK 15 million just on items that “make a fuss” and overtime, says Horbstad.

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In Narvik, Ingrid Sophie Solstad disagrees that the hospital building is very complex, but it is large. Solstad is pipe project manager for Åge Nilsen at the city’s new hospital.

– It’s very straightforward, not technically complicated and many traditional solutions, especially for pipes, she says of the hospital project in Narvik.

Early wholesaler

Åge Nilsen wanted to bring the wholesaler with him early:

– We wanted to be involved in project planning from an early stage, and we wanted them to set up an overseas warehouse for us. She says then we will be taken to the building as per the schedule.

Tor Arne Abrahamsen in Ahlsel is happy about that.

– As a rule, we share, give prices, and then the wholesaler forgets. Finally we can do what we can! He says.

Ahlsel set up a warehouse in Narvik and hired a project logistician. Ingrid Sophie Solstad is thrilled that Ahlsell has requested specific times and has been given enough time to get the goods onto the slings.

– She says the fact that we stopped thinking about it was so cool.

completed packages

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Åge Nilsen and Ahlsell sat down and had packages ready for delivery much in advance. Prevent many errors:

More buildings: In Narvik, there will be a new health center on the left and a hospital in the wards on the right.

More buildings: In Narvik, there will be a new health center on the left and a hospital in the wards on the right.

– There are nine different wash basins in the building and they are almost the same. If plumbers had to choose the right type based on the information on the drawings, I can guarantee that it would be wrong. “Instead, we sat down and identified those bundles,” she says.

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One equipment package can contain ten to twelve production lines. Then we had about twenty sets of equipment pre-selected.

Historically, Åge Nilsen’s hourly consumption is usually 20-25 percent higher than planned – here it was five. Equipment assembly was completed two months ahead of schedule.

Here are the numbers:

This has a sig. Halvorsen was installed at the new Stavanger University Hospital:

  • 40 kilometers of steel/copper/pressure pipe.
  • 9.1 miles of MA pipe.
  • 18 kilometers of snow melting tubing.
  • 3.6 kilometers of underfloor heating pipes.
  • 8400 valves.
  • 1000 radiators and heater panels.
  • 280 fan coils.
  • 1,250 water taps.
  • 1,250 toilets.
  • 800 laundry.

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