He could never partake of this concept of reality:

He could never partake of this concept of reality:

Bård Ylvisåker was present Thursday at the ‘Babylon’ premiere, arriving on the red carpet with his daughters.

The current comedian “Kongen Befaler” revealed here the TV show he never imagined being on.

Ylvisåker confirms he will not follow in his brother Vegard’s footsteps in the “71°N: Norway’s Strongest Celebrity” adventure, where he escaped with a win last season.

– Verse. number. I don’t feel like it at all. It’s top notch for him, but nothing for me.

asked several times

Furthermore, the comedian can reveal that he has been asked to participate in the show on several occasions.

– This is where Vegard and I differ. Several times they’ve asked me if I’d like to join, or said “You don’t want to join, do you?” , and I replied, “No, that’s completely out of the question,” he laughs.

Ylvisåker goes on to say that he himself hasn’t watched a single episode since his brother got involved.

– I know he enjoyed himself and it’s not so bitter that I don’t see him, but I see enough of my brother. It’s not like I want to relax in front of the TV, just to see what my brother is up to.

– Vegard escaped with victory, did you watch the final then?

– I’ve heard a lot about her. I think I could describe it in detail, all the seconds, the last meters up that hill. I think I know the whole episode by heart, but I haven’t seen it.

Program manager role at Kongen befeder

Ylvisåker himself is currently participating in the comedy show “Kongen befaler”, where he will take on the role of presenter for Atle Antonsen.

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– I’m really excited and I think it’s a great programme. It would be nice for me to be able to sit there and watch for once, and not struggle with tasks.

The comedian has been on the show since season one, helping produce.

– I usually wouldn’t have time to do something like that or just jump in on such short notice. Now there was a slip, which made it fit well. You helped identify a lot of the reasons why I got involved in this. I feel really part of that family.

Simple selection

Moreover, he says he tried out the famous chair.

– Then I thought maybe this chair would fit Atle better than me, size-wise. Not a bad word for size, but I’m getting really small. I think I might have to get a pillow to sit on, so I can get up a bit, laughs.

Ylvisåker says the choice to accept the presenter job was not difficult.

– It was a text message request, so I checked the calendar and matched it. Then I just thought “it’s fun, we do it”.

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