– He didn’t have to work for anything – VG

- He didn't have to work for anything - VG
POPICON: Britney Spears, here at the 2018 GLAAD Awards in Los Angeles-

In a long and turbulent Twitter post, Britney Spears wrote her opinion on Jamie Lynn Spears’ recent TV interview.


Earlier this week it was Jimmy Lynn’s Tears (30) Interview by Good Morning America. A day and a half later, older sister Britney (40) arrives at what she describes as book sales PR.

Jamie Lynn keeps up with his autobiography, Things I Should Have Said.

Britney wrote in her Thunder letter that she was sick with a high fever when her little sister’s interview was broadcast live, but saw her in a haze of fever.

«But it was really good to have such a high fever, because after that I had to give up so as not to bother myself‘,” writes the pop star.

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Britney says one of the things she interacts most with in her Jamie Lynn interview is that she said Britney’s behavior was “out of control” at a time called a meltdown – before the guardianship.

The pop star wrote that her little sister wasn’t around much at the time — 15 years ago.

«So why are you talking about it at all? If she doesn’t want to sell books on my account?’ asks Britney in the post.

«She didn’t have to work for anything. She always had everything in her handsBritney rages about Jimmy Lynn.

In a television interview, Jamie Lynn said as she cried that she did not know why the relationship with Britney had flared up as it is now. The 30-year-old confirmed that she had always loved her sister, that she “did everything for the best for Britney”, and that “Britney knows it.”

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Britney wrote that her family “loves being pushed down”.

«I hope your book sells well, Jimmy Lynn!!!!You write sarcastically.

Britney also makes it clear that she will be avoiding Instagram for a while, the platform she’s been in contact with most for the outside world since recently.

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