He falls silent after pointing his finger towards the western edge

He falls silent after pointing his finger towards the western edge

Mimir Kristiansson first rebuked wealthy teachers in western Oslo. Now he could hear it.

– It is the pursuit of the parents who lead the vortex of difference in football, the wealthy parents who not only accept that their son enjoys football, but also demand that he be a kind of super talent, as politician Roodt told VG.

This is what makes Marius Gesvold stand firmly on the western edge of the capital.

“I'm disappointed in his lack of knowledge and irresponsibility,” says Gisvold.

Marius Gesvold

He is the president of the West Edge Ready Club, and has his own He called for rules that could slow the flight of money.

Also Julian Madsen, which he talked about Hemming invests in a football academy for childreninteracts.

– It is of course self-evident that Mimir Kristjansson is turning Western parents into the Big Ugly Wolf, while he and all his other political colleagues have let the sport rot for years. Shamelessly, nothing more, nothing less, he writes on Twitter/X.

Julian Madsen

Gisvold sums up how he sees it:

– Yes, there is a problem in many sports, which is that parents lead their children according to their ambitions and not the children's needs, says Gisvold.

– Yes, there is a problem that some sponsored environments use their money to create arrangements that, in my and Memir's opinion, violate the core values ​​of the sport.

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– Yes, it is a problem that a small number, but by no means the majority, of the clubs in West Oslo are “outperforming” the other clubs, but it is not just the clubs in East Oslo that are affected by this, and it is assumed that it is more so than the clubs. Neighboring in the west.

Despite this “contract”, Gisvold is disillusioned with the politician in Parliament.

We have a lot to agree on, but it does not help in any way approaching the solutions that Christianson tries to make a “class struggle” through exaggerations, violent generalizations, and creating a hostile image.

What can help is respectful dialogue, factual information, and careful pressure on those with power and means.

Mimir Christianson

Political Storting (red)

Mimir Kristiansson gets one line:

– I am happy that Gisvold shares my view on these problems, and that Reddy and other Western clubs are struggling to equalize and improve the situation of the stadium. It was not my intention to cut off all the kids, parents or clubs on the western edge on the same peak.

Cinder OgarMichal Emile Asrud

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