He hates hope, need or truth

He hates hope, need or truth

Earlier this year, Dagbladet and Se og Hør launched the “Nødt eller Sannhet” mini-series where many famous faces competed for NOK 50,000 in the popular party game.

The series promised gritty, innovative celebrity television, but then it turned out that there was nothing but a party vibe among the participants who took part in the show.

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Not all contestants showed up for the show’s premiere and press day, and it eventually became known that the contestants were very disappointed with the outcome of the series.

However, one of those who appeared at both the premiere and press day was broadcaster Hasse Hope (37). Now he hopes to land more presenter roles in the future, despite his dissatisfaction with being appointed as a former presenter.

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When Nettavisen caught up with Hope in connection with the premiere of the new “Mission Impossible” earlier this week, the 37-year-old could say he enjoyed his role as presenter.

It’s fun being a programmer. Even when this show is dumb, it’s just plain fun. It’s not me who has to do the embarrassing things anyway, Hope tells Nettavisen.

Hope says he is now hoping for more stints as a presenter in the future, and that he already has a “dream program” that he would like to lead.

– To be a presenter of something like “Jackass”, where I don’t have to do anything myself, is the dream. Where I only introduce others, and I can watch others do embarrassing things and cut themselves, he says with a smile.

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It is described as humiliating and unpleasant

As mentioned earlier, Hope was the presenter of the series Dagbladet and Se og Hør “Nødt eller sannhet” which aired earlier this year. Famous faces such as Jorun Stiansen (39), Mia Gundersen (61), Sebastian Solberg (36) and Vidar Villa (33) were among the participants who took part in the series.

Many of the participants have been hush-hush about their opinion of the series, but Gundersen could tell Nettavisen that she thinks the show is too long.

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“What I consider difficult about participation is that I received no information in advance about how close it would be. The tasks were sometimes humiliating for many participants and felt uncomfortable. If I had known this in advance, I would have had a better basis for evaluating whether this concept was right for me.” . Mia Gundersen wrote in an email to Nettavisen at the time.

When a Nettavisen journalist was at the program’s press day at a Foodie restaurant in Oslo on January 23, Tellef Dahll, program director at Aller Media, which owns Dagbladet and Se og Hør, could confirm that many of the participants did not want to attend.

– It is true that the participants do not want to come to the press meeting and the first party that will be organized on Monday evening, Dahl told Netavisen.

Dahl can also confirm that there was some discontent among the participants after the enrollment.

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– It is true that some people are dissatisfied, and I think it is boring for them to look at the situation in this way. We were concerned that the participants should be heard before, during and after the recording, Dahl said.

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