He was about to scatter my father’s ashes – dead

He was about to scatter my father’s ashes – dead

A 66-year-old man from Austin, Texas, was reported missing when he did not return from a trip last week.

James Bernard Hendricks was scattering the ashes of the recently deceased father of the family at Arches National Park in Utah.


This is what the local American newspaper writes My San Antonio.


Hendrik drove into the national park on August 1. On the same day, he was reported missing and park staff were sent to search for him.


It was his sister, Ruth Hendrix Brough, who told the local paper why the 66-year-old broke into the national park in the first place.

National Park writes in one press release They found his car in a parking lot inside the national park.

Shortly thereafter, they are said to have found the man lifeless. Local police investigated the death in collaboration with national park investigators.

Here the journey ends

Here the journey ends

– They think he died of heat, altitude and dehydration. When park staff found him, his water bottle was empty, says Mai San Antonio’s sister.

his last trip

Hendrix Brough describes the brother as someone who “loved the wonders and mysteries of nature and the universe.” According to her, he had a close relationship with nature.

At the time of his death, James Bernard Hendricks is said to have been on a long journey to his father’s birthplace. Along the way, he took many nature photos, while also spreading his father’s ashes.

The destination of the trip was Reno, Nevada

– Our father lived there for a large part of his life. James described his trip as his “last trip with our father,” says Henriques Pro.

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found dead

found dead

The sister describes her brother’s death as a great shock. However, she tries to see the bright side of things, as he always did.

He was someone who spread joy in everything and everyone he met. To him, the entire universe was alive – from humans to fossils and stardust. He greatly appreciated everything.

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