Heat wave in the US leads to record high temperatures in several states – VG

Heat wave in the US leads to record high temperatures in several states - VG
Heat wave: A Philadelphia trash worker wipes sweat off his face. The city authorities declared a state of emergency due to the heat wave.

Warnings of extreme temperatures have already been sent out to 100 million people in the United States, and 60 heat records have been broken. The weather will be warmer on the weekend.


Weather forecasts this weekend suggest that temperature and humidity will rise to stifling highs in large parts of the United States over the next few days.

The heat wave, which has already hit Europe and caused hundreds of deaths there, illustrates the threat that climate change poses to even the world’s richest countries.

So far this week, we’ve broken 60 temperature records due to the heat surrounding large parts of the country, the US National Weather Service (NWS) wrote on Twitter Thursday.

But the severe weather doesn’t stop there. This week, more heat records may fall.

up to 43 degrees

Temperatures in large parts of the southwestern United States exceeded 38 degrees Celsius this week, while some places recorded as high as 43 degrees Celsius.

Similar temperatures were also measured in southern states, where the humidity added to the discomfort of several thousand residents.

As many as 100 million people received heat-related warnings on Tuesday, and according to the NWS, a “significant portion of the population” will remain under those warnings over the weekend.

Two people enjoy peace at a fountain in Illinois, USA, on July 21.

emergency alert

Temperatures are expected to rise further on the east coast in the next few days, where humidity will also rise.

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Washington, D.C., as well as Philadelphia, declared a state of emergency due to rising temperatures, and asked residents to take certain precautions.

Get enough to drink, reduce sun exposure and take care of seniors, neighbors and pets, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser urged on Twitter.

The Institute of Public Health of Philadelphia has also warned people not to leave children and pets unattended in cars in the heat.

Air conditioning saves you the day

The sweltering heat in the southern and eastern United States is expected to subside next week, but air masses over the Pacific will still push temperatures above normal.

Unlike much of Western Europe, most American homes have air conditioning, which helps reduce the health risks of a heat wave. However, it increases the load on the power grid at the time of high consumption.

Two people rest at a lake in Manford, Oklahoma on July 18. A heat wave has led to extreme temperatures in the southern states of the United States recently.

In both Texas and New York, residents have been asked to reduce energy consumption so as not to overload the power grid.

Scientists have warned that heat waves, such as those being felt in the United States and Europe now, will become more frequent and more intense in the coming years due to global warming.

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