Can be eaten with prawns

Can be eaten with prawns

Prawns are a summer special. Kjell Morten Grindel and his wife Agatha were also there to enjoy it. But it didn’t go as planned.

– Wife bought five kg package at Rema 1000. We found these things when we were going to have some take out for dinner in the evening. “We don’t know how it got there or what it is,” Grindel tells TV2.

The package was purchased at Dvein in Nodøden and was sourced from producer Sjøfrisk, which supplies seafood to the Rema 1000 chain.

– Land crab

Grindel says he’s from the hinterland, so he has little idea what it’s going to be like.

– I am a groundnut worker born in Nototon. So I don’t know much about what’s in the ocean. That’s why I reacted when I saw it.

Answered by: Kjell Morten Grindel from Nododen. Photo: Private

In the case of Rema 1000’s response to what it is you can see further down.

Grindel contacted the grocery chain and says they were very grateful for his contact and it was a great help. He also received a gift card as a small plaster on the wound.

– They were very harmonious, and something positive came out of it. As I said, Rema is very grateful for the feedback, and the man concludes with a note that they didn’t know this before.

This was it

Rema 1000 has responded to TV 2 saying that they regret the customer’s unpleasant experience with the shrimp package.

Synthesis: This type of shrimp was discovered.  Photo: Private

Synthesis: This type of shrimp was discovered. Photo: Private

Communications consultant Celine Sjöberg also has the answer to what pieces are from the collection.

– Bycatch is depicted in relation to shrimp trawling. Shrimp in the shell is a natural product from the ocean and may be caught occasionally.

He says it needs to be discovered in the best possible way and taken to the production line.

– We register the case in our deviation system and take it forward to the suppliers so that they can follow their procedures.

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