Chaotic Conditions in Walrus Freya – Expert Responds – V.G

Chaotic Conditions in Walrus Freya - Expert Responds - V.G
On Tuesday, Freya took care of a boat at Frognergylen in Oslo. Boaters flocked to take pictures of the famous walrus. Photo: Dor Eric Schroeder / NTP

– I don’t like what I see, says walrus expert Rune A. He urges people to stay away from Freya, the famous walrus causing a stir in Oslo.

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– She can’t find peace, Aae tells NTB.

On Tuesday morning, a crowd of boaters with cell phone cameras swarmed near Freya’s moored boat in Fraknergylen. At times, there were several boats and jet skis around her at the same time.

– They are very close, I think. And Aae says it’s not just one boat, but a dozen.

On Tuesday, he watched television broadcasts from the spot and, among other things, could observe the walrus reacting with sudden movements when certain boats came too close.

– Everything indicated that she wanted to leave. But she didn’t make it because she was stuck between the boat she came from and the boat she was on, she says.

Rests for 20 hours

Aae holds a PhD in theories of science from the University of Southeastern Norway, and has been following the walrus Freya for a long time. Now he thinks the best thing to do is block the area where the walrus is in Oslo instead of chasing her.

On both Monday and Tuesday, efforts were made to evict her. Among other things, port police were on site with water hoses to help her out of a boat on Tuesday.

– She should rest for up to 20 hours. Aae says it’s not good for the animal when she’s constantly stressed by people and the presence of people, who was on her way to Freya’s area on Tuesday to talk to the fire department.

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Must have killed the swan

In recent days, the walrus has been in Frognerkiln in Oslo. From experience, according to the expert, he settles in new places before 2-4 days.

Freya became a real celebrity earlier this summer after visiting Cragerio, where she settled and relaxed on several yachts. She has done the same in Oslo.

There is Mars, by the way VG He posted a video of Freya attacking Swann in Oslo. A witness told the newspaper that the swan had died.

Freya continued to disrupt residents of the area on Monday. Christiania wants to go on a rowing trip with a sailboat from the rowing club, but is stopped by Freya, who is lying on a floating ship. He retrieved a water hose to try to splash the animal overboard, but eventually had to abandon his cycle.

Journalists and locals flock to observe Freya.
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