– It is not right to continue – Viji

Serious Doc: Hedge Rebeng tells freakstatter Stephen Gundersen that he will not continue.

Hedge Repeng Frictader (56) gave the iron on the fast date, but farmer Stephen Gundersen (50) surprises him by thanking him on the first team date.

Other prosecutors were surprised when the “Jacten Pa Kjarlikettan” frixstadter announced her departure on Monday’s episode.

-Now you get him yourself, the 56-year-old says before he packs his stuff.

Thus, the test adventure ended for the Hemnes woman, who traveled only 40 minutes from the farm Ramskock farmer.

Frickstadter says it’s sad for Viji to retire.

– But my intuition said it was the right thing to do. I initially noticed that there were some women who fell in love with Stephen, and it wasn’t me. So, I’m not going to continue, she says.

The trigger factor was a competition, where lawyers had to eat the world’s strongest chili. Frickstadter had to report a passport.

– I can not eat chili because it affects my respiratory system. But the competition made it clear how important it is for others to progress. So I understood that we were in very different positions here, says Sutter.

If a thought appears to have been dropped when she leaves, Frickstadter promises that she will not.

– I hope people will not believe. I tried to take it with a little humor. During the last conversation I found myself realizing that the understanding between Stephen and me was good.

Rejected: Stephen Gundersson did not imagine this decision.

– But isn’t getting back for the benefit of others a little sacrificial?

– No, I did not sacrifice. Frickstadter laughs saying you shouldn’t write it.

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– It will be half-hearted if I continue, explains the undeniable lawyer that he can love Stephen for a long time.

– If we had met in the store and started in other situations, maybe. Life is full of coincidences.

It was Frixtador’s son who encouraged his mother to write a letter.

– My son worked in Stephen’s garage two years ago, so he can recommend the farmer, says the “Jacton” lawyer.

Frikksdatter did not regret participating or he resigned.

– It was almost like a nice, antique camp school. I only had positive experiences.

Hope: Stephen Gundersson and HK Repeng at the beginning of the Frickstadter post.

The farmer admits he was shocked, especially since Frickstotter appeared so On Under speed dating.

– She’s not shy either. Heke gave the impression that she was a woman who could get the place she wanted or wanted, Gunderson tells Viji.

He made no attempt to force her to stay.

– She was very clear, which was well thought out. She wanted to retire, so I chose to respect that choice.

He was not particularly disappointed because the two did not have long to get to know each other. So, he was very neutral.

He was very nervous considering the record was moving forward.

– I have to admit that I thought a little bit about whether I was aware of the signals they sent and whether many more would be withdrawn.

Group Date: Hedge Repeng Frickstadter leaves the farmer here for other promising cases.

Frickstotter is still lonely, but can report that he has received inquiries from TV viewers.

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– Ever since I came to the screen, I have traveled in waves of love from friends, colleagues and others. So some people will be a little disappointed now. Yes, there are some messages in the inbox. I didn’t answer them, but the TV checker says we’ll see in the future.

– If something good, exciting and reliable appears, I will not be able to respond. But I feel better as an individual and not stressed out, says Frickstadter, the engine driver.

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