Lincoln, Medical Crisis | Politicians in Lincoln must clean up the doctor’s mess

Lincoln, Medical Crisis |  Politicians in Lincoln must clean up the doctor’s mess

Manager It is a leader. The author expresses the journal’s position.

Eight doctors have resigned from their posts, including top municipal superintendent Hans-Olav Höldermann Eriksson, citing incitement on social media and difficulty cooperating with two other doctors over long periods of time.

Resignation letters are tough food. The working conditions are described as completely unsustainable.

We’ve got the political lists that will stand in the municipal elections this fall, based on the GP conflict.

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Such elected representatives?

The result is a situation that could turn emergency preparedness upside down in a short period of time, with Lincoln at risk of going from the best health insurance in the country to the worst.

Historically, Lincoln, like other county municipalities, has had a high number of municipal doctors and significant spending on alternative medicine, but recently solid on-call arrangements have been built in, ensuring organization, population safety and continuity of emergency care. That watch.

The conflict was initially a matter to be handled administratively by councillors, but the matter has now become so serious that Mayor Don Howard Johnson (SP) and the political leadership in Lincoln are taking over.

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Media perceptions of medical care in Lincoln

When the conversation seems completely off track, it’s time for the mayor to step in and help clean up an unacceptable situation that affects all of Lincoln’s residents.

Politicians have already waited too long to take the necessary steps to meet the demands and expectations of modern healthcare.

The challenge is not new, but has been going on for a long time. One has to accept that the service is going to be down. Physicians are in demand and will quickly find new work, while it will be a long time before Lincoln residents regain access to qualified and stable physicians.

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This is also not something KomRev Nord can investigate. Without active steps being taken quickly, Lincoln would spend a long time, probably years, repairing the harmful effects of a stalemate that endangered life and health.

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