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Farida Qurami has become a symbol of refugee children who have been forcibly returned to Norway. She came to Norway in 2011 with her mother when she was five years old.

They settled in Tokyo, Norde Land, and began a new life. She went to elementary school and made friends in Norway. But when Farida’s father came to Norway, his residence permit was revoked.

Farida was then 9 years old The family was taken away by police And forcibly returned to Afghanistan.

In Norway: Farida while living in Tokyo, Opland. In February 2015, the family was deported.

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Now that young woman has another dramatic journey behind her. When NATO and the United States announced their withdrawal from Afghanistan in April, Farida and her family began to flee dramatically. Obland Orbiterplot.

Fearing what was happening in the country now, they fled.

It is sad that Farida Ghurami is following the development of Afghanistan.

– It is very sad and painful

Farida tells an escape marked by fear. She did not think she would survive. But staying in Kabul is dangerous, Farida believes.

– No one wants to run away. Together with my mom and dad, I saved my life. I was so scared and tired, I was afraid I would not survive. But, we have no choice. I could not sit in Kabul to die, writes a message to the 15-year-old NRK.

Before summer, the family came to Turkey, where they are registered as asylum seekers. They have legal residence while they wait for the asylum application to be processed, the family’s Norwegian lawyer, Arlid Hamlan, tells NRK.

The family’s Norwegian support group has arranged accommodation for the family while waiting for a response to asylum in Turkey. From there, the 15-year-old follows what is happening in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is in a very dangerous situation. Innocent, poor people are trapped, suffering and sacrificed. People are completely alone. It is very painful and excruciating. And it is bad for girls and women. My heart was broken and she was frustrated.


Missing Norway: Farida received Norwegian language training via Skype. – My only hope during my time in Afghanistan was that I would be allowed to return to Norway, she had previously told NRK.

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Women’s rights activist in Afghanistan: The international community has left us

Never lose hope

In Turkey, the family is awaiting the ruling of the Court of Human Rights (EMD), where Norway has complained that the UN refugee agreement has been violated following the deportation decision. Farida tells her friends in Norway that she will never give up hope of coming home.

Although things have always been hopeless and difficult for me, I have not lost hope of returning to Norway. I hope we can see a light in the infinite dark tunnel. There is hope, the 15-year-old insists.

Poems from Farida

Poems from Farida: Butterflies have lost wings. The crows howl, the clouds are black. Bleeding in the running heart. Invisible tears, drains and drains. My soul for a life you can see, their soul. A haunted land.

Photo: Farida

Living with uncertainty about the future is very bad, but she is thankful that she is alive.

I don’t know what will happen in my life tomorrow, Farida writes.


After deportation from Norway, the family won in all courts, including the Supreme Court.

But in May 2018, UNE did something New results On deportation.

Kai Aid, the former UN special envoy to Afghanistan, said at the time Not feeling safe The security situation of Farida and her family was adequately assessed by the Immigration Appeals Board.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Are also involved in the caseCalled “party help.” The reason was that the United Nations believed that Norway’s decision on deportation violated the Refugee Convention.

The case was Finally settled In the Supreme Court in February this year.

They rejected Farida’s appeal. Therefore, the judgment of the Court of Appeal stood. The Court of Appeal ruled in June last year that the Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) had acted properly when it received refugee status from Farida and her family.

Farida wrote a letter to the Prime Minister.

Write the letter: “I miss my classmates” Farida wrote in a letter to her old school in Tokyo after her forced return to Afghanistan.

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We expect a new rating

Liv Maria Siemenswein, a member of the family support group in Norway, says they were provoked by the Norwegian family’s sending to Kabul.

They believe that UNE and the courts have not acted in accordance with the UN recommendations in this case and that what is happening in Afghanistan now shows that it is not safe.

The support committee says it is strange for Norway to defy the High Commissioner’s advice. They hope that Norway will now look into the Farida case and make a new assessment.

In the name of dignity, we believe that Norway has now made mistakes and we are following the advice of the UN. You have to have faith and confidence, because the situation has changed so you can look back and fix this thing, says Siemensween.

NRK has contacted the Immigration Appeals Board with questions about the outcome of the Farida case and submitted the support committee’s review.

They respond:

“UNE evaluates all asylum applications based on the situation at home while we have a case pending. UNE decided to postpone the departure deadline to Afghanistan in July, but this only applies to Afghan citizens in Norway,” department head Ingen Haley wrote in an email.

Saved: – It’s like a prison, Farida told NRK about life in Afghanistan five years ago.

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