CBD Oil for Dogs: What is it used for?

CBD oil has been used for dogs for a long time now. Due to its ability to tackle many issues that dogs are challenged with, this product has many uses. While its usage was not mainstream in the past; however, the results are simply undeniable. Hence, veterinarians who used to be on the sidelines regarding cannabidiol and are now discussing its medical benefits.

Therefore, we have decided to lend our voice to the issue as we discuss the various uses of CBD oil for dogs.

Quick Information…

You need to know that there are two types of CBD oil for dogs. We have hemp oil and hempseed oil. Hemp oil is obtained from every part of the hemp plant. The hempseed oil, on the other hand, as its name implies is extracted from just the seed part of the hemp plant.

When you hear folks talking about full-spectrum or broad-spectrum cannabidiol, then it means they are referring to hemp oil. The full-spectrum and the broad-spectrum are also different in some ways. Visit https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/full-spectrum-cbd-vs-broad-spectrum-cbd# to learn more about and the differences between these two cannabidiol products.

Cannabidiol products that are manufactured for dog use always contain less than 0.3 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This compound is what causes the psychoactive reaction folks experience when they consume cannabis specifically marijuana that contains more than 0.3% of THC.

Hence, when purchasing CBD oil for your dog, ensure that you confirm that it does not contain excess THC. If you administer such a product to your Fido, it could lead to negative side effects such as lethargy, drowsiness, vomiting, “high” feeling, etc. Therefore, to prevent such from happening, you should always pay attention to the THC content.

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Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let us look at what CBD oil for dogs is used for…

What CBD Oil for Dog is used for

This wonderful product is used to treat a lot of dog health problems. Here are some of them below:

1. Seizure

Seizures and epilepsy are also common among dogs. It is so common that it is estimated that around 5% of canines will experience these issues in their lifetime. Hence, they aren’t issues that can be swept under the rug because they are indeed a reality.

Generally, when you go to the vet to complain about your tyke’s seizures, the vet will most likely prescribe phenobarbital and potassium bromide. Although these drugs more often than not are effective in curtailing this problem, nevertheless, their negative side effect is what many are now wary of.

These drugs could lead to internal organs damage and the most affected organ is the liver. Apart from that, it is noticed that in some cases, these drugs do not work despite causing the damage they have done.

While much research has not been made concerning how effective CBD products are in reducing seizure and epilepsy rates in dogs. Nevertheless, the research on humans can be used as a yardstick that in less than 4 months major improvement was noticeable.

Therefore, we believe the same is applicable to your doggy if it begins to take CBD oil. Furthermore, the testimonies of others who have used this product, for this reason, came back positive.

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2. Anxiety

Dogs also suffer from anxiety just as humans. The chief culprits responsible for this issue in canines are loud noise or being separated from the owner.

Since humans who have anxiety disorder have been observed to become calm after consuming CBD, then it is logical that your tyke will also become calm when it takes this product.

3. Arthritis

At this point, you might notice that many of the health issues that we face as humans are what our dogs also face. This shouldn’t be surprising since we possess some biological similarities. Hence, the positive report of cannabidiol relieving arthritis pain in humans is a welcome development for any hound suffering from this health problem.

Moreover, the effective nature of this product in combating chronic pains is raising a lot of considerations among scientists to make it a novel drug used for the treatment of chronic pain.

4. Cancer

Yep, dogs get cancer too which is quite sad especially if yours is battling this disease. While it can be life-threatening, it has been observed that with the administration of cannabidiol oil, your pooch’s life will be more bearable. This is because cannabidiol possesses anti-tumor properties that slow down cancer cells growth.

Even if your furry friend is not cancer-ridden, you can still prevent this disease with the use of CBD oil. It ensures that cancer is kept at bay by enhancing the strength of the immune system’s killer cells. It also stops glioma cells growth.

5. Appetite Loss

There are many reasons why your dog might lose its appetite. Read this article to find out these reasons. Although there are several ways to improve your pet’s appetite, one application solution that has gained notoriety in recent times is the use of cannabidiol oil.

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If you are choosing a cannabidiol product, we recommend you go for the full-spectrum type. However, ensure that you go through the content and make your purchase from reputable brands.


CBD oil for dogs has many uses and we only touched the iceberg in the article above. If you are interested in learning more, then feel free to contact us.

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