– I’m proud of not being able to keep it a secret – Viji

- I'm proud of not being able to keep it a secret - Viji
Pride: Sigrid talked to “Lindmo” about her boyfriend Nikolai Shirmer.

Sikrit tells “Lindmo” on NRK about how she met her boyfriend.


– I don’t think I’m used to talking about this. Am I ashamed? Secret presenter Anne Lindmo asks how she met her boyfriend Skire Nikolai Shirmer.

They look at some of the pictures Sikrid has published Instagram. Lindmo points out that it is different for Sigrid to post this on social media.

– No, I haven’t done this before. It was the most personal part of my life. I think there are some things that should be allowed to be like that.

Encountered during registration

During the filming of an ad for Core Tex he met a professional freighter – Shirmer.

– This is not the first time I’ve been in a relationship, but now I’m so proud of not being able to keep it a secret.


In an interview with “Lindmo”, Sigrid also talked about how he got in touch with his manager, Keer Ludi.

According to Sigrid, he has not yet written “such good songs” and was a little disappointed when he saw Lloyd during the concert of Jazarde de Bresno.

She walked over to him, introduced herself and insisted that the two of them have a cup of coffee together.

– Next week was coffee. “I think you’re good to sign me too,” I said. I convinced them that they should sign me. Since then it went well, Sigrid smiled.

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