Heavy snowfall in the West: – Very high risk of teething

Heavy snowfall in the West: - Very high risk of teething
Snow: This is how it is on Flyplassveien in Flesland 0733 Tuesday.

Heavy snow in the West prompts full police readiness: – It’s quiet before the storm, but we’re ready as soon as people wake up, says operations manager in Bergen.

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The Meteorological Agency has updated the yellow warning and expects five to twenty centimeters of snow in Rogaland and Hordaland.

The runway at Flesland Airport Bergen was closed in the morning due to heavy snow and is expected to reopen at nine o’clock on Tuesday. Television 2.

Press officer at Avinor, Ylva Celius Trulsen, tells VG that the first flights have started boarding and they expect the first flight to be ready for departure around nine o’clock.

At Ågotnes in Sotra, west of Bergen, a bus veered off the road and came to rest on a slope at around 06.30 on Tuesday. No one was injured in the traffic accident.

The operations manager of the Western Police District, Torre Andre Braxstad, says that it is not dramatic and that there are still a few minor incidents to deal with in traffic.

– It may be the calm before the storm, but we are ready when people wake up, says Bruckstad.

Yellow: A snow warning has been issued for these areas in the west.

A short time later, two cars collided head-on on County Road 49 in Chamnangar outside of Bergen, according to the Western Police District.

– The persons concerned woke up and got out of the cars. The road is closed, police write at 07:21.

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At the Bergen Florida measuring station, 15 centimeters of snow fell in six hours last night. The snow is light and dry as the city is three degrees below zero in the morning.

– The snowfall was intense and it was certainly difficult to plow everything in a short time, Geir Otter Fagerlid, duty chief of the Meteorological Institute in Bergen, told VG.

He urges the people of Bergen to prepare for major challenges in transportation.

– People should be asked to take it easy in the morning. Many people are at risk of teething when they leave early. Feel free to consider alternative transportation, says the meteorologist.

– Change the speed!

Vegsentralen Vest says there are some challenges with plowing, but it often goes very well with rush-hour traffic in Bergen.

– We see people adjust their pace. There were no major incidents on major roads. But in the surrounding area, cars are spinning and standing still, says traffic operator Christian Stromen.

At Flesland, the 06.35 flight to Oslo was cancelled. Otherwise, the first morning flights will be delayed by up to three hours.

Bergen Airport was not supposed to open until eight o’clock, but the opening has been postponed until nine o’clock on Tuesday morning.

– They continue to plow, but they are unable to remove the snow because there is too much, Avinar press officer Ylva Celius Trulson tells TV 2.

She encourages travelers to meet at the airport at normal times.

Helicopter traffic was affected

Equinor said Tuesday morning Helicopter transportation to the North Sea From Sola near Stavanger and Flesland near Bergen were postponed until further notice.

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Vegtrafikksentralen Vest wrote on Twitter at six in the morning on Tuesday that there is currently heavy snow in some places in Vestland.

– Plowmen are out, but it’s slippery on the roads. Adjust your speed according to the conditions and drive carefully. Remember to remove snow from the car before driving, writes Vegtrafikksentralen.

Western Norway will continue to see snow for a few more hours, according to the weather forecaster on duty in the west.

– At times, heavy snowfall is possible in the outer parts of Westland and Rogaland. It won’t clear until this afternoon and evening, Fagerlid says Tuesday morning.

He says the heaviest snowfall will come between Bergen and Haugesund in the next few hours. Then the precipitation moves further south in Rogaland.

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