Helen Olafsen for “Shall We Dance”:

Helen Olafsen for “Shall We Dance”:

Next Saturday, the stage is set for the TV2 premiere of “Shall We Dance.” Twelve new contestants will be rocking the dance floor all fall, hoping to win the favor of the people and the judges.

If presenter Helen Olafsen, 33, is to be believed, keen TV viewers have a lot to look forward to.

Meat: Fritz Anse and Stie Andre Berg will be in this year’s season of Shall We Dance, which was not entirely planned by the former. Video: Red Runner. Reporter: Jonas Hammer.
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– The level is sky high! Nothing left from last year. Then they give iron, really try together. It’s very touching, she tells Se og Hør and continues:

– We were inside and looked, they really showed a little bit, which is very unusual. They dare to brag long before the premiere. So I think it will be a very good season.

Astonished on the platform

– It would be something very special

When asked how things were going with the final preparations ahead of the premiere, the 33-year-old said it was going well.

– We are at the dance center almost every day, around the clock. It’s a great set. So we have a lot of fun with them. New dancers contribute nicely too, so the premiere will be something very special.

Pernilla Wahlgren was visiting Petter Stordalen, and she ended up sharing details from the time she was on Swedish “Skal vi danse,” getting others to gossip. Video: Red Runner / Discovery+
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Among the participants who train day after day for the final is the artist Ulrikke Brandstorp (28 years old), who has Tarjei Svalastog (24) as her dance partner.

The latter can tell Se og Hør how the training is going.

– Ulrikke is very smart. We’ve been rehearsing for two weeks now and it’s going really well, but there’s still a lot to work on a week before the premiere. But I think it will be very good.

I talked about jealousy

I talked about jealousy

Technically the worst

– What’s Ulrikke’s best so far?

– Oh, hmm.

Sophie Elise visited Motepolitiet Live with Jan Thomas and shared details from “Shall we dance.” Video: Jenny Emily Ace/Harvard Bjornrum/Dennis Abelung/Cug Hour.
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– the mood! A laughing Brandstorp steps in before the dance partner replies:

– You are probably the best musically, technically the worst.

- I was feeding her

– I was feeding her

On top of that, Brandstorp can say she’s very nervous before the big premiere.

– It’s very difficult. Tarjei is very good, but also very strict. But I take it as a positive thing, and I see it as a positive thing — that there is hope. It rises and falls, as it should on “Shall We Dance”.

Tone Damli visited Motepolitiet Live with Jan Thomas and talked about the time from “Shall We Dance.” Video: Jenny Emily Ace/Harvard Bjornrum/Dennis Abelung/Cug Hour.
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