Henrik and Leva Ingbrigtsen:-

Henrik and Leva Ingbrigtsen:-

In 2018 received The eldest of Ingbrigsten brothers, Henrik, Leva – And there was another in town he could adorn himself with Ingebrigtsen’s generous name.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen (30 years old) has in recent years been considered one of the best runners in the world, but Wheels Don’t Roll at Home Without Leva (25).

they It has become a household name for manyEspecially on social media, where she updates her followers with a very busy daily life.

Regarding the premiere of the new movie James Bond movie at the Colosseum in OsloThe 25-year-old can reveal how she’s managed to juggle everything from school, a mother’s role, and daily chores and work.

From training to tip: Henrik Ingebrigtsen and his wife Liva showed up at Elle’s party – just two days before Henrik took part in the Diamond League in Bislett. Reporter/Video: Jonas S. Hammer / Marian Hapstad / Dagbladet TV
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Do not exclude more children

On social media, she has received a lot of praise for how she handles stressful daily chores.

Do you have many extra hours in the day?

– No, I don’t really have it, but I’ve become very good at figuring out what’s important to do. Just make a list and get it done. If you have to, you have to smile.

There’s no doubt that weekdays are full – and healthy. However, she does not hide the fact that her husband Henrik would like to do more. The couple has two daughters, Olivia and Charlotte.

Henrik would like to have more children. I could have had one for me too, but I’ve had some misfortunes in pregnancies – so I don’t know if I dare. But you never know, maybe when his lifestyle will calm down. That’s what he’s talking about, Leva tells Dagbladet as her husband comes walking the red carpet.

After the operation: – Henrik Ingebrigtsen says about the video images immediately after the operation, it is rather painful. Video: Team Ingebrigtsen / NRK.
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– pamper them

– Henrik, have you heard rumors that you and your career are at stake?

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– He is relatively busy with two children, but I would like to have two more, laughs.

When asked if he had plans to follow in Dad Gert’s footsteps (Diaries of Seven Kids .anm.), he exclaimed, “Not really!”


– The thing is that when you have children, there is almost enough argument to have more, because it is so much fun. There is nothing more fun than creating things with the kids, and it makes me want to do more of it. As they get older, I think I can do it for the first time. I taught them to ride a bike – now I just taught her in four years to use a bank card, smiling proudly:

– I sent it to the store. She was going to buy a chocolate, but she went out with a teddy bear. She actually said she could buy whatever she wanted, so she became a teddy bear who paid for herself “at a loss”. You are embarrassed!

Last season: For ten years, members of the Ingebrigtsen family followed a camera crew that followed the athletics family through their ups and downs. Video: with / Løkås
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– But a little dangerous, isn’t it?

– Gogo, I see what you did. I spoiled them a bit.

keep love the same

Both add that the daughter is responsible and careful at the same time – she is four years old.

– But they are materialistic, like a mother, Henrik smiles and looks at his wife, who refuses everything.

Henrik appeared on the red carpet in the tuxedo he was married to, while Liva wore a costume purchased from Fretex.

SENKVELD: Henrik Ingebrigtsen believes that little brother Jacob earned very little money in his childhood. Photo: Helene Kjærgaard/TV 2. Video courtesy of TV 2.
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Seven years have passed since the couple first met. They say keeping love the way it is has never been a problem.

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You have to find a balance between inconvenience and enjoyment, so you never get bored, says Leva.

It’s friction, as it should be. Strong opinions and ceiling height to say exactly what you mean, I feel is important. Leva always says we shouldn’t go to bed when we’re mad at each other, but we’re not always able to hold it, Henrik laughs, while Leva adds that it may have happened several times over the years.

– As long as we’re friends again, it should be fine, he concludes, before a date night with Agent 007 continues on the big screen.

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