Here Truss receives a message about the Queen’s health – VG

Here Truss receives a message about the Queen's health - VG

New Prime Minister Liz Truss has just made her first political announcement in the House of Commons when she receives a secret memo.


The time is around 1 pm Norway Time | Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss has just presented her plan for dealing with the energy crisis.

Labor leader Keir Starmer has the floor in the ensuing discussion.

As Starmer speaks, cameras capture the moment when Nadim Zahawi, the newly appointed chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, appears to take note.

In the video images, you can also see Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner receiving and reading a note. The same message also reaches the Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

Both Truss and Starmer left the hall shortly thereafter.

Deputy Speaker of the House Angela Rayner (in red) in the House of Commons reads the note containing a message about the Queen’s health.

‘Something strange is happening’

Secret notes do not go unnoticed in the House of Commons. Labor politician Chris Bryant was able to write that “something strange is happening in the House of Commons. Zahawi urgently briefed the prime minister”.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, informed the other elected representatives:

“I know I speak for the entire House of Commons when I say that we send our very best wishes to Her Majesty and that she and the Royal Family are in our opinion and our prayers at this moment,” he says.

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Half an hour later, the unusual statement came from the castle: the doctors are concerned about the Queen’s health and recommend that she remain under medical treatment.

President Sir Lindsay Hoyle makes a statement on the Queen’s health before the House of Commons.

Drama until the last bite

BCC cancels all scheduled programs. Presenters on the channel turn black, which is a common occurrence upon the death of a member of the royal family.

When the family learned that the end might have come for her mother, grandmother and queen, they immediately set the course for the royal summer residence west of Aberdeen in the Scottish Highlands.

It’s a drama to the end.

A plane with seven members of the royal family landed in Aberdeen, Scotland just before 17:00 Norwegian time. On board were the Queen’s two youngest children, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, along with Countess Sophie and the Queen’s grandson Prince William.

At the same time, it turns out that Prince Harry, who is making a rare visit to his homeland, will go to Scotland without his wife, Duchess Meghan.

Just over an hour after the plane carrying the royals landed in Aberdeen, a green Range Rover arrived with Prince William behind the wheel.

Prince William leads his family to Queen Elizabeth.

Even though everyone rushed to Balmoral Castle, they lost the race to death.

At 19.30 Norwegian time, confirmation came from the British royal family:

The Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.

Only the eldest children, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, made it to the front before the Queen’s deathAccording to the Daily Mail.

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Prince Harry does not arrive at Balmoral until the news of his death is announced.

It is not known when the Queen actually died.

Prime Minister Liz Truss, according to her spokesperson, said she received the message at 3:30 p.m., according to Reuters. The Guardian wrote that it was 4.30pm. In this case, at least two hours passed before the official confirmation and announcing the news of the Queen’s death was sent.

The royal family has been very conservative about information about the cause of the Queen’s death and the course of her illness.

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