Heung-Min Son, Tottenham | Scandal report: reveals an anonymous quarrel with Son

Heung-Min Son, Tottenham |  Scandal report: reveals an anonymous quarrel with Son

South Korea was considered the favorite in the Asian Championship, but the tournament ended with a surprise exit in the semi-finals after a disappointing 2-0 loss to Jordan.

In the wake of the failed tournament for the South Koreans, there were reports of internal unrest in the team, which involved Tottenham star Son Heung-min. The South Korean Football Association came out and confirmed the incident.

Confirmation comes next the sun It was reported that Son injured his finger after a quarrel with his colleague before the semi-finals of the Asian Championship.

The dispute has received a lot of publicity in South Korea and is said to have led to distrust of national team manager Jurgen Klinsmann, who is said to be insecure in his job following the incident.

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– He was injured

The dispute is said to have arisen in relation to the team dinner on the evening before the semi-final match. Players usually eat dinner together the night before a match, but some younger players are said to eat early and then go play table tennis.

According to the South Korean News Agency Yonhap They played table tennis loudly alongside the players who were having dinner, which must not have gone down well with the leader and star Major Son. The Tottenham star reportedly tried to stop them, but they wouldn't listen to him.

This is said to have led to a clash between the players after an altercation, and Son is said to have sprained his finger in the altercation.

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The South Korean Football Association confirms that a quarrel occurred between the players.

– It happened when some of the younger players went to play table tennis, and Heung Min Son and other older players had a problem with it. The federation said the players exchanged a few words, which led to Son injuring his finger in the process.

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He must have tried to hit Son

According to Yonhap, other players included Kang In Lee, Seol Young Woo, and Jung Woo Young who played table tennis. Son is said to have become angry that they did this while the other players were having dinner, and is said to have grabbed Paris Saint-Germain player Lee by the collar.

Lee is said to have responded by waving his fist at Son. Son is said to have avoided the blow, but was said to have injured his finger when other players tried to stop the brawl.

Son played the entire semi-final the next day, but with bandages on two fingers on his right hand. He also wore a bandage when he played for Tottenham at the weekend.

According to Yonhap, several well-known players in the South Korean squad, including Son, asked national team coach Klinsmann to exclude Lee from the squad for the match against Jordan. Klinsmann did not agree to this.

The dispute between the players is said to have led to dissatisfaction with Klinsmann, and according to South Korean media, many of them want him to resign from his position as coach of the national team.

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The South Korean Football Association is scheduled to hold a meeting regarding Klinsmann's future on Thursday, with the German attending the meeting via video from his home in the United States.

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