History flaw: – The beginning of the year is difficult

History flaw: – The beginning of the year is difficult

Milk comes with a “best before” date, but should last longer after that date has passed. But an expiration date of more than a year, that's probably mostly made up, right?

An error has occurred with some Rørosmeiriet milk cartons, meaning the expiry date has been set to 2025.

DinSide journalist Martin met the following poster when he went to buy milk on Saturday at Kiwi XL in Strømsø Center in the morning.

Sorry: Many dairy products in Rørosmeieriet are affected by a date error. Photo: Martin Kenningsrud Storbo
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By closely examining one of the milk cartons in the store's refrigerator, we can see that the expiration date is 01/21/25. We often get confused when we move into a new year, but we're pretty sure it's 2024.

20 thousand liters of milk were sent

– We have had a difficult start to the year, to put it mildly, writes Rørosmeiriet's dairy manager, Trond Wilhelm Lund, in an email to DinSide.

– We only discovered the bug on January 3rd. By then, nearly 20,000 liters had been sent from us, he added.

It would primarily be the Norgesgruppen stores that received the misbranded milk.

- Get angry

– Get angry

This has happened

What should have happened is that the date-finding software jumped forward by one year when we moved from 2023 to 2024. Trond Wilhelm Lund says Røros Dairy's routine of checking the correct date did not pick up the wrong year.

– The number of days from production date to best before date is the one that gets the most focus – first 4 digits.

Races: - They destroy the brand

Races: – They destroy the brand

Milk is not extracted

As can be seen from the label posted in the shops, the milk is not being recalled due to mislabeling.

“We and the store agree to sell the branded milk as is, rather than deflated,” the letter said.

– After dialogue with the Norgesgruppen Quality Department, we agreed that the batch sent could be sold, as all the milk in Norway is fresh. We think consumers know that too. “We think it was right to take care of the milk and not throw away a perfectly good product,” says the dairy manager.

– I think I can also say that now, looking back, we are more alert about the year as well.

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