Home Business App Takes Off in Norway

Home Business App Takes Off in Norway

Find out who does the most.

The app detects who does the most household chores, and is available for both Android phones and iPhones.  In the past two weeks, it has reportedly gained 10,000 new iPhone users.

The app Samboer.app, which is also its Internet address, should be developed, as a joke, refers to a recent press release from the gentleman behind the graph and statistics production software. The claim is that he should be able to show who is doing his best at home, and who did what.

Now the app is at the top of Apple’s list of free apps – only mypostnord has beaten it. Perhaps not surprisingly, the package search cap is at the top, after that company made a forced app change for Norwegian customers in the new year. But Samboer.app at the top should not be intentional.

– I was sure I did the most. My friend didn’t agree with that, and so I developed this app. Developer Robin Havre explains in the press release that it was originally meant to be a joke.

Now the app should have gained up to 10,000 users in its first two weeks on the App Store.

Not only did the app’s potential seem somewhat greater than expected for Havre, but he must have also discovered that he wasn’t the one who did the most in his house. With only 39 percent of home businesses made registered, it has apparently been overtaken in the battle for app-based home business fame.

– The app creates positive motivation to get household chores done. Many couples say he’s now quicker to get homework done, says the press release.

At the time of writing, there are only 13 reviews of the app in the App Store, with the few written reviews being positive and speaking in the same direction. On Android, the app has clocked up just over a thousand downloads – and somewhat more varied reviews, out of the 12 downloads out there. One user points out that both must have paid a subscription to get the most out of the app, which is basically free.

The app is part of a larger trend of apps that create games and play important tasks in everyday life. Faithful pedometers have been around for years, and it’s the “watch version” of this type of product, but more comprehensive health and movement data like that you can get from a training bracelet or smartwatch can also be seen as part of that “universe”.

And in recent years, an app ecosystem has emerged that will record everything from how much and what you eat to the last time you put the dishwasher in.

You can quickly find Habit Trackers by searching for Habit Tracker in the App Store near you.

For some, they can incorporate and improve habits and lifestyles, while others can explain why things are the way they are – like when Lifesum tells the naked truth about the calorie count of Christmas dinner.

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