Home Interest, Interest | Book a higher interest rate: – This is how you can save thousands of pounds

Home Interest, Interest |  Book a higher interest rate: – This is how you can save thousands of pounds

Heading into a quiet week, there may be thousands worth saving by reading.

– Mortgage interest rates have fallen Six percent for many customers, but for many customers the competition is increasing and the bank can get a lower interest rate in the market, says market manager Sindre Noss Renteradar to Nettavisen.

– How long has average interest rates been this high?

– It hasn't been since 2007/2008, so now there's a split about customers, Noes tells Netavisen.

He says you can easily save NOK 10,000 a year by negotiating the interest rate or moving the mortgage. Noss says people between the ages of 34 and 50 can save an average of NOK 13,500 a year.

The grass is greener on the other side

Yes – according to him it can Four out of five Get a lower interest rate by switching banks.

– Banks fix interest rates individually for mortgage customers. Many have higher interest rates than they should. So there are better offers.

So – if you can spare a few minutes from greasing your skis and soaking up the sun, familiarize yourself with the banking market and call your own bank:

– Tell the bank how much better a deal you can get with a competitor, and the bank will most likely respond by lowering the interest rate, Noss says.

Note that Amedia, which owns Nettavisen, has a stake in the Renteradar service.

Reduced interest rates

You'll get an even better deal by switching banks, says Noss.

At the time of writing, Landkreditt Bank has low interest rates for many customers after reducing interest rate hikes.

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The question now is whether more banks will follow suit.

Sbanken's online banking will be closed from March 27 as a result of the bank's takeover by DNB. This created a lot of discontent and movement in the market, Netavisen wrote earlier.

– Noss says that Sbanken's customers losing access to online banking and uncertainty about the new app have left many customers dissatisfied with DNB.

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