Høvringen, seal | Took over in January and now they’re looking for patrons: – It’s going to be a bit overwhelming

Høvringen, seal |  Took over in January and now they're looking for patrons: - It's going to be a bit overwhelming

Bente Hakom (56) and Jan Alvar Ayaseter (61) from Oslo bought Breckeseter in Haveringen in January this year. They are now looking for an Operations Manager.

He became self-respecting

– Having two full-time jobs on the side makes it a bit overwhelming. So we want to hire someone who is passionate about the place and wants to live in the mountains and create more activity and turnover. Preferably a couple, preferably some adventurers. Additionally, having relevant experience in running a catering accommodation is desirable, says Øyasæter.

He was self-employed full-time and settled in Brexeter. Nevertheless, he still works at software company Quorom in Oslo. Hakom has and will continue to have his own ophthalmology practice in the capital, Centrum Oyelegar AS.

– We want to be a very profitable hosting company, so to speak, we need someone who wants to work with us. We had a good season – and got good help, but it would have been nice to have one or two more guys here at Brakesetter who want to improve the place. Now foreign guests are also back.

Easy to find, don’t you think?

– I don’t know, but I believe. Øyasæter says it will be exciting to see.

He gave 15 lakhs

The couple purchased Brexeter from the previous owner, Bjørn Setsaas, for NOK 15 million.

Øyasæter has spent every Easter in Høvringen for the past 25 years.

– In the planning of my 60th birthday, we learned that it was sold. Then the idea came; Is it an opportunity to do something else? A shortcut, quite simply. The idea appealed more and more – so we bought. I never dreamed of running such a place, but I always had a “craving” for Høvringen. When it first had to happen, it should be here,” he told GT in January this year.

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Setra has a total of more than 20 buildings including hotels and rooms for rent.

Now this place is sold for 15 million: – The idea of ​​working here is more and more attractive

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