How are American consumers? – H 24

How are American consumers?  - H 24

Major US retail groups like Walmart and Target are reporting quarterly numbers this week.

Housing and quarterly figures from a number of retail giants will arrive this week. The image is from Walmart in the US, which shows quarterly numbers.
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On Thursday, Wall Street had its best day since spring 2020, after US inflation abruptly eased in October. The dollar weakened and interest rates fell – which also testifies to the optimism in the US stock markets.

Perhaps he’s a bit too optimistic, chief strategist Anders Johansen notes, something that Fed representatives are expected to comment on next week. After that, a number of representatives of the US Central Bank will speak.

– I would be surprised if there were no comments on the market rally. Maybe they’d come out and say (the fight against inflation, editor’s note) isn’t over yet, he says.

Central Bank Deputy Governor Lyle Brainard will participate in a panel discussion on Bloomberg, and the Fed chairs of New York, Washington and Philadelphia will take to the stage.

Here in Europe, Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, will speak.

The pace of consumers in the United States

The most exciting thing next week, perhaps apart from the follow-up to the crypto-movie FTX, is, according to Johansen, a string of numbers that will paint a picture of how American consumers are feeling.

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– This week, a number of large US retail companies are coming out with quarterly reports, and it will be interesting to see how things go in terms of inflation, he says.

Target, Home Depot and Walmart, among the largest retail groups in the United States, open their accounting books.

It will show how the American consumer is doing, says Johansen.

In addition, the US is to publish figures on retail trade, import prices and industrial production in October, as well as the NAHB housing index and numbers on housing construction in October.

Chief Strategist at Danske Bank, Anders Johansen.

Extraordinary general meeting in flyer

On Thursday, Flyr confirmed that it had raised NOK 250 million in a private placement, as planned in the workaround – where the goal is to raise up to NOK 700 million in new money.

The next step in Flyr’s alternative solution is the fix issue, as they want to raise up to NOK 100 million.

Flyr now confirms that this plan is ready, and these krona will be collected from existing shareholders, who Not Participate in the private offering.

All shareholders who own the stock after the trading day on Thursday, except for those who subscribed during the private placement on Thursday, receive these rights.

NOK 100 million will also be raised by issuing shares at the same price as the private placement on Thursday.

Both today’s directed release and the upcoming reform issue should be approved by the Extraordinary General Meeting on Wednesday of next week.

Otherwise, voluntary mediation between the SAS and the cabin crew continues.

Martinus Røkkum, president of Parat’s SAS Norge Cabin Association, confirms to E24 that they have been called up for new meetings, but will not reveal the time and location.

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