Stallone on Schwarzenegger

Stallone on Schwarzenegger

long career Sylvester Stallone (76) It primarily featured films such as “Rambo”, “Rocky”, “Cobra” and “Cliffhanger”. But now the star is present in the new TV series ‘Tulsa King’.

In a recent interview, the actor said that he thinks playing in a TV series is completely different than playing in movies. In the same interview, he also opens up about disagreement with Arnold Schwarzenegger (75).

– arrogance

Stallone reveals that the secret to his impressive and long-lasting career is demeanor.

– I don’t know if this is a form of arrogance towards life in general, and an attitude of “this can’t be everything, there will always be something else around the corner”. And then I don’t like the word “no”, Stallone says otherwise Sky News.

Senior: Sylvester Stallone’s 21-year-old daughter, Sistine, is grown up. Video: Red Runner
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– I would say I am made to meet challenges. When someone says “I’m the hard-working actor,” I say “No, you’re not.”

That’s when the 76-year-old enters the rivalry with Schwarzenegger.

– Like with Arnold. Then it literally embodied our opposites. I loved it and he liked it too because he pressed it, Stallone continues before continuing:

We created ourselves to be two good teams that hate each other. But you do a better job when you have that look of…,” the star says, clapping her hands together to demonstrate strength.

attacker: Arnold Schwarzenegger was at an event in South Africa when someone suddenly attacked him from behind. Video: CNN
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Gotta get out of the house

The actor reveals that his main motivation for working hard is getting out of the house as he has three daughters and three dogs.

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Stallone and Schwarzenegger first met each other in 1977 during a Golden Globes party. That night, Stallone was nominated for “Best Actor”, while Schwarzenegger was nominated for “New Year’s Star”.

clear voice: This Arnold Schwarzenegger video has been viewed 40 million times. Here he takes a strong stand against Trump’s comments in the wake of the incident in Charlottesville last weekend. ATTN video via AP/NTB Scanpix
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During the awards ceremony, a scene was said to have taken place where Stallone was said to have thrown flowers at Schwarzenegger after he lost the award.

Since then, the two actors have made a series of “attacks” against each other in the press.

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