How did Pia Tjelta and Odger Thon meet?

How did Pia Tjelta and Odger Thon meet?

Actors Pia Tjelta (46) and Odger Thon (45) have been lovers for several years and, by all accounts, have become quite established. Among other things, they have two children together, a pair of twins, and in 2020, Tjelta could reveal that Thon proposed to her.

Price lost – take action

“I am not married, but I proposed,” she said during an episode of the “Lørdagsrådet” program.

The wedding has not yet taken place, but Tjelta was recently able to lift the veil a little from her relationship with her fellow actor. In the podcast “Other visits” The 46-year-old was the one visited by Else Kåss Furuseth (43).

We had a chat with Pia Tjelta during this year’s Gullruten when she told us about a strange thing that happened. Video: Klaus Fjelro. Reporters: Jonas Hammer/Ken Falch.
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– He looked like a farmer

She explained that it was a coincidence that the two got together. They first met at a party, and she recalls actor Anne Dahl Torp (48) trying to sell Thone to her before.

In my mother's footsteps

In my mother’s footsteps

– She sold him as if he was a real man and he was the best man in the world. Then she showed a picture of him and I said, “No, no, no. He looks like a farmer, are you crazy?” Total ad Felleskjøpet, laughs Tjelta.

-We’ve been together ever since

When they greeted each other at the party, her friend’s sales were still on her mind, and when they shook hands for the first time, she thought it was him who “was so good.”

Wedding: Pia Tjelta and Odger Thon revealed that they got engaged in 2020. This is how she answered when we asked about the wedding plans. Correspondent: Catherine Pelkey. Video: Nora Scavhoj
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-And then we ended up talking a lot that evening. He was a bit on the show side, and he’s from Stavanger, so it seemed almost familiar. I felt like I knew him before. We grew up a year apart in roughly the same place, and had a lot of common references. “From that night we were really together,” says the actor.

- It was a drama

– It was a drama

She also says that they shared a kiss that night.

– Finally, yes. It wasn’t me who did it, she said with a twinkle in her eye.

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