Markus and Martinus return to Melodifestivalen

Markus and Martinus return to Melodifestivalen

Earlier this year, 21-year-old Norwegian twins Markus and Martinus Gunnarsen tried their luck at the Swedish Grand Prix “Melodi Grand Prix” – or “Melodifestivalen” as it is called there.

– People got angry

At that time, they had to see themselves defeated at the finish line by Loren (40), who later also achieved a superior victory in the entire Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Tattoo”.

A little afraid: Markus and Martinus Gunnarsen will tour the Nordics next year, and talk about the stress and joy of finally having to play in Norway again. And of course a little about how the boys’ love lives are going. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Jessica Szymanska/Red Runner
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Now, according to the Swedish, they will do so Aftonbladet Struggling to represent the Swedes again, after achieving silver status in March.

Several sources told the Swedish newspaper, which specifies that they have not received official confirmation.

– We have no comment, says the twins’ public relations manager, Frieda Skoog in g, Who reported the first case in this country.

Pitted after the final loss

Pitted after the final loss

The twins participated in the song “Air” and won second place in the competition.

However, there is tension associated with how they gain any involvement. The 21-year-olds are touring in the same time slot as the competition, and many of the broadcasts crash with their concert dates.

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