How do you build your soundproof room?

How do you build your soundproof room?

Norske AVshop is a well-known supplier of home cinema products. In addition to projectors, screens, surround speakers and amplifiers – including their own brands such as Dreamscreen and Haramr – they also sell a number of products for self-build AV, acoustics and soundproofing.

According to the Norwegian supplier, soundproofing is in the air like never before, and is receiving more and more inquiries from customers who want to insulate everything from home theaters and games rooms, to completely soundproof homes. That's why they're now launching a new website, Sound insulation.nowhich brings together related products and services in one place.

Special sound insulation products

There can be many reasons for wanting a soundproof room. Maybe you dream of being able to play your favorite movies and music at full speed, without disturbing the neighbors? Or maybe you have ambitions to become a music producer at home, and want to set up your own audio studio. Or you're tired of game-obsessed teens who scream and yell…and now there are good solutions for those who are at hand.


Modern sound insulation is largely based on separation that prevents the transmission of noise and vibrations between rooms. Ideally, you would build a “room within a room” where there is minimal physical contact between the interior and exterior walls and the ceiling.

The product range from includes everything from rubber underlayments for floating floors, partition clips for walls and studs, special gypsum boards and glue (green glue) for acoustic purposes. (here by siv ing. Eivind Lygren) also offers planning services for those who want a custom-designed soundproof room designed from scratch. The physical requirements for your room are then calculated, along with 2D floor plans and 3D drawings.

The supplier says they offer in Housing fair in Hellerudsletta For the weekend (from 1 to 3 March). So those who want to know more about sound insulation are welcome to chat.

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The store in Alnabru has several demo rooms built with the same products. In the video below you can see the construction of the reference room in Al Hammar:

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