How do you clean the drain? – You have to do this!

How do you clean the drain?  - You have to do this!

Does the water seep out more slowly after a shower? Then your drain may be clogged.

How to clean it yourself!

Take pictures along the way

Plumber Svein Løkenflaen from Rørleggerservice AS DinSide told DinSide that it might be a good idea to take pictures along the way, if you’re not sure how to clean the drain, remove and disassemble it.

First of all, he recommends the use of rubber gloves.

– Remove the drain grate and be careful with the ground wire if there is one in there. There are different types of drains, and newer drains often have a lifting device. Make sure you collect them together the right way, or else you can get a sewage smell, says Løkenflaen and adds:

Old drains have a stopper that must be loosened, they can be very stiff and must be drilled.

If required, Løkenflaen advises against doing it yourself.

He recommends cleaning the drain every three months or more. It depends on the size of the house, how much you shower, and how much hair ends up in the drain.

A good rule of thumb at home is to clean the drain before you go away for a while, says Løkenflaen, as you won’t clog the pipes further while you’re away.

He says that by not cleaning the drain, it will gradually clog, the water will flow more slowly, and will eventually rise up the drain and trickle down the floor.

– In the event of a poor seal between the drain and the floor, there is a high probability that waste water will penetrate here, and this can lead to serious damage to you and the neighbor under you.

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And if you’re not good at maintenance, things can go wrong on your bathroom.

Poorly maintained drains can, in the worst case, lead to the entire bathroom being demolished and rebuilt, I’ve experienced this many times.

Joachim Borgen at Borgen Rørleggerbedrift also confirms this:

A horrific example is that water fills up in the shower and flows out of the shower and damages other building materials in homes that are not protected by wet rooms.

Depends on how many people in the family have long hair

– How often you clean the drain depends, for example, on how often you shower and whether one or more people in the house have long hair. A good rule of thumb is to clean the drain at least every three months, says Malin Catherine Skar, senior director of customer service at Orkla.

Cleaning the drain regularly can be a profitable investment of time to avoid a big job if it gets really clogged.

The task of cleaning the drain is relatively simple, according to Scar:

First of all, remove the grater and lift the cup down the drain. Here you remove all visible dirt and hair.

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Feel free to use an old dish brush to wash other dirt and finally rinse it well before putting back the grate.

Standing water or slow flowing?

In the case of stagnant or slow-flowing water, it is advisable to clean first as described above and then use a drain opener.

Pour half of the bottle into the airtight tube and let it act for 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on how tight it is. Finally, rinse them with plenty of warm water, preferably boiling, says Scar.

If it is still tight, repeat the process.

Unfortunately, sometimes the only solution is to call a plumber, but it’s worth trying these tips first, she says.

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