How to detect a power outage in the cabin

How to detect a power outage in the cabin

Have you experienced smelly food in the refrigerator in the cabin? Then it could be because the cabin experienced a power outage while you were away.

If it’s a common problem, we have the perfect advice for you.

Is food safe to eat?

If the food in the freezer looks half-thawed, it’s not sure the power has been out for long, but is the food safe to eat?

This is where the coin trick comes in. A coin in the freezer can reveal whether or not the food is still solid.

If the coin is at the bottom of the bowl, this indicates that the power has been cut off for a long time. Then the food should be discarded.

If the coin is still above the ice in the bowl, the food is likely solid.

You should still do an extra check on your food before eating it. If the texture has changed or the food smells strange, it should not be eaten.

Take a cabin inspection now!

It starts by itself when the power is turned on

According to Leif Eliassen Neksum of Electrolux, the 210-liter mini freezer will have a rise time of up to 28 hours before the food reaches a deteriorating temperature.

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HIf it is cold in the cabin, it will last longer, but this also depends on the amount of food in the freezer. The freezer starts on its own when the power comes back, Neksum tells DinSide.

Neksum says their freezers can stand ambient temperatures as low as -15°C, but not all freezers can handle that.

Offers Freezer Box Tips: Arne Voll, communications director at Gjensidige, says you should either store your freezer box or refrigerator in a heated room, or buy one when it can withstand cold temperatures.  Photo: Gjensidige

Offers Freezer Box Tips: Arne Voll, communications director at Gjensidige, says you should either store your freezer box or refrigerator in a heated room, or buy one when it can withstand cold temperatures. Photo: Gjensidige
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It may have consequences

According to the insurance company, if there are a lot of people using the cabin a little, especially in the winter, this could have consequences for both water pipes, roofs, and white goods.

– Refrigerators and bundled cabinets, especially freezers, are produced to stand at room temperature, often above ten degrees, Arne Voll, director of communications at Gjensidige, tells

Therefore, it quickly becomes difficult for the refrigerator and freezer to keep the engine running when the internal temperature usually remains only a few degrees during the coldest periods.

why? Yes, when the internal temperature drops below ten degrees, the refrigerant gas in the freezer and refrigerator gets thicker, and when it gets too cold, the compressor struggles to pump it around the system. Thus, the cooling effect decreases.

It can cost you 10,000 kroner

It can cost you 10,000 kroner

It may seem like a paradox, but without heat, a regular freezer can’t keep your food cold, says Bean.

Not covered by insurance

Voll i Gjensidige emphasizes that it does not cover white goods and foods that have been spoiled due to improper use, ie if a refrigerator or freezer is left in a room that does not comply with the temperature measurements stipulated in the instructions for use.

– The insurance applies in the event of a “normal” power outage or in other cases that you do not control. You can’t count on getting compensated for stale food if it’s because the freezer was too cold and it damages the motor, says Voll.

Cabin Robbery: Find Three Objects

Cabin Robbery: Find Three Objects

Also, freezers and refrigerators that are damaged due to standing in cold rooms are not covered by a complaint or warranty from the merchant, according to him. Therefore, homeowners and homeowners are advised not to leave such devices in cold basements, outdoor booths, uninsulated rooms and empty cabins for large parts of the year if you want them to function normally.

Sigmund Clementz, CIO of If, previously told DinSide that its contents insurance covers damaged foods in the freezer (not the refrigerator) in the event of a power outage and the like. They don’t tend to be very strict about whether or not the freezer is correct. The deductible amount is 4000 NOK.

– In some cases, the freezer is damaged by smell, that is, the smell of rotten food cannot be removed by washing or vinegar water. Clements said on a previous occasion that buying a new refrigerator is also covered by insurance.

Checklist: As a country home owner, there are several things you should take care of to avoid becoming a part of your insurance claims statistics.
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One who can stand the cold

One last tip is to place the freezer or cabinet in a hot room.

– If you have a room that will be left cold during the winter, you must empty the refrigerator and freezer for food and unplug it from the mains. And adds Bean, remember to leave the door slightly open so an unpleasant odor does not form.

Another solution is to buy a device that can withstand the cold.

The cost of this freezer is a little higher than usual. On the other hand, it works when the temperature creeps up to the freezing point, says Joakim Hagen, sales manager for white goods at Power.

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