“i did it!” Conflict board

“i did it!”  Conflict board

Only Sebastien Brun-Hockland tells us of his first mediation. Sebastian is a broker in Tromsø. He is 24 years old and works as a waiter.

Meetings are arranged in the Dispute Board with one or two mediators/facilitators. The circumstances of the case, the complexity of the case and the number of parties involved in the meeting determine whether it is appropriate to have one or two mediators/facilitators.

To create space for dialogue

Sebastian became a medium because he wanted to do something challenging and at the same time very educational.

Being a medium also gave me insight into what I might want to work on later in lifeHe says.

When Sebastian describes the mediator role, he chooses to stress that it is a very exciting role that is rewarding when you can help people, and where you have the opportunity to learn a lot about people in conflicts.

— but staying completely neutral can be hard sometimesSebastian says.

– Then I have to remind myself that it really helps if everyone in the room feels like they are listening and speaking on an equal footing. For that is the most satisfying thing about the role of mediator; Create a space where everyone feels welcome, and open to good dialogue.

Various meeting rooms

Sebastian says the Nasker case he was mediating was brokered in the shopping mall. You don’t have to travel far to get to a dispute board meeting. The dispute council mediates in all municipalities of the country, and agreements have been concluded with the municipalities regarding meeting rooms. Most conflict council meetings are held in municipal buildings such as health centres, citizens’ squares, town halls, NAV offices, etc. But in cases of petty theft, the meeting can also take place in shopping centers. After that, the dispute board reached an agreement with the shopping mall to borrow a room, where the meeting could be held undisturbed.

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Young psychics

The Conflict Council wants a diverse group of mediators in the country, both in terms of age, background, experience and ethnicity.

Sebastian Brunn-Hockland is one of the youngest dispute board moderators, at 24 years old.

– Over the years, we have had many young applicants for mediator positions, Chancellor Hans Christian Askheimer says. Some probably come from the law school and mediation environment on RC Street here in Tromsø.

– We are very happy to have young psychics here in Troms. Young psychics have a good introduction to youth parties in particular, Askheimer concludes.

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