– I don’t think Prigozhin is alive

– I don’t think Prigozhin is alive

– I don’t think it is. If he’s around, says retired Gen. Robert Abrams, he’s in jail somewhere hv news.

Earlier this week, the Kremlin confirmed that Vladimir Putin held a three-hour meeting with Chief Wagner and 35 other military leaders on June 29.

However, the former US general doubts that the meeting even took place.

– I would be surprised if we saw evidence that Putin met with Prigozhin, and I think it was staged, says Abrams.

Arne Burd-Dalhough, a retired lieutenant general and former chief of the defense staff, does not rule out that Abrams may be right.

– I belong to those who have said many times that Prigozhin can obviously be killed. It is clear that we do not know what the situation is now, but what the American general says may be so. If there was a meeting, only Peskov said, and he lies all the time anyway. So anything is really possible, he writes in a short message to Dagbladet.

did not see

Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin has not been seen in public for nearly three weeks. He was last seen from a video recording where he left the city of Rostov-on-Don, surrounded by cheers after the Wagner Uprising on 24 June.

Since then, the only sign of life has been the audio recording in the voice of Wagner’s chief.

march towards Moscow

On Friday, June 23, Prigozhin claimed that a “large number” of his soldiers were killed in an attack carried out by Russian forces after a group of army took control of Russian cities.

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He promised revenge and shortly afterwards the Wagner soldiers moved into Russia – with Moscow having to

On June 24, the mercenaries of the Wagner Group marched against the Russian army and Moscow. The uprising was called off later that evening after Belarus negotiated an agreement that meant Prigozhin had to leave the country.

The mercenaries were 20 miles from the Russian capital, when Wagner’s commander ordered them to turn around. They are returning to their bases, Prigozhin said, to avoid Russian bloodshed.

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