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I had a dream – fvn.no

I dreamed of a house. House with many rooms and noisy life. A home for voluntary organizations, teams and associations.

There is a perfect plot of land for this dream home. It is located immediately and exactly in the middle, the applicant writes about the plot of land for the Åsane School, which it is now decided to sell to Oasen.
Photo: Jacob J. Bouchard

Fiery souls of all ages and in different associations were supposed to meet in the corridors, inspire each other and take turns. There was to be a large café in the house. Here, people who need work and/or language training can be in practice. Food should be so cheap that anyone who wants to chat with someone over a cup of coffee, a slice of bread or a stew can do so. The café was to be a meeting place for people of all ages and from all walks of life. At regular or irregular intervals, a philosophy café, a language café, theme evenings and cooking classes can be arranged.

And once a year: “Share a table with at least one person you don’t know and eat your food for NOK 50” a day.

I dreamed of a “win-win” center next to the cafe. Here you can leave and / or get things and pliers. One thing one could be happy to throw away, the other one could enjoy getting. In the same way, you can record “resources and needs,” something you can help someone with, or wish for from others. For example, a good adult with little free time could end up as a homework helper for a child who has little to no safe contact with adults. A young man who wants a dog, but cannot get it due to allergies in the family, can become a dog lover for an owner who has very long working days.

I dreamed of a basement that contains the most important thing, which is that my local community needs more than anything: suitable places for a youth club. Rehearsal rooms for orchestras, dance, theatre, game rooms and other rooms that were necessary to attract young people with or without a living room in the basement of the house. There was the hustle and bustle of life downstairs every day of the week. No one should prefer hanging out at the mall or gas station. No young man should sit alone at home. I dreamed of a large living room in the house. Theater and hall for two hundred people. Theater for concerts, dance and theatrical performances. A hall for gaming events, annual meetings and an ever-increasing commitment to a vibrant and inclusive local environment.

I had a dream that I wanted to share. But citizen dialogue was absent.

There is a perfect plot of land for this dream home. It’s quite far and right in the middle. When it was decided to close the small local school on the site today, I thought that if it had never been so sad, the site could actually come in handy in that way. Just wait until you get invited to the citizen dialogue about the further use of that plot, I guess. Then I will tell about my dream house. I will make them see that such a house is oriented towards the future.

It is relational luxury in practice. It will be full of social sustainability and therefore will be a smart investment in the future of the largest area in the municipality.

I had a dream that I wanted to share. But citizen dialogue was absent. Now it was decided to sell the plot. For 11 million kroner. Because the municipality needs money to invest. I sincerely hope it is about investments that will contribute to a strong and inclusive local environment and the best possible conditions for growth for today’s youth. But I think I hear them: “In your dreams.”

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