– I wish I could say the awards are the most important – VG

- I wish I could say the awards are the most important - VG
Done: Jennifer Lopez on stage during the iHeart Radio Music Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Jennifer Lopez, 52, received the iconic bust at the iHeart Radio Music Awards in Los Angeles on Tuesday — with boyfriend Ben Affleck, 49, as a proud spectator.


Lopez, who is world famous for his efforts in music and movies, gave an amazing performance at the awards ceremony. But she was also honored with this evening’s most prestigious award – as nothing less than an icon.

“I really appreciate it,” said Lopez, touched and grateful, when she received the figurine.

– I wish I could say that awards are the most important to me, but that’s not true. Now you have to not I guess I don’t appreciate these shiny and flashy things, because I do. I’m not going to lie, because everyone knows I like them. But the latin star said the prices aren’t the reason I do what I do the people.

– All this I do for you guys. Because because of you, I can do what I love most in life, and that’s the greatest blessing in the world, Lopez’s message to the fans was.

Happy: Jennifer Lopez on stage with the award.

The veteran artist received the award in recognition of his influence in pop culture and his long-standing importance in radio and “the power of travels”.

Lopez had to stop several times in his thank-you speech because the audience’s applause was deafening.

Among the audience sat the old flame of Lopez, Movie star Ben Affleck. Next to him sat Lopez’s daughter Amy (14) and Affleck’s son Samuel (10).

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iHeart Radio posted videos on Twitter of Affleck and the two kids proudly clapping Lopez on the podium:

Da Lopez and Affleck Confirmed to the public in July Last year they were a couple, it happened then months of speculation – And after 20 years break the engagement.

Since then, the two have appeared at the celebrity party one after the other.

STAR COUPLE: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the Los Angeles premiere in December.

After receiving the honor, Lopez took to the stage with several songs including “On My Way” from her new movie “Marry Me”.

With her on the show, she had a couple of dancers and several drag artists, who for the occasion wore some of Lopez’s most iconic outfits over the years.

Drag star Keri Colby had the honor of going up the stage Versace green creation Lopez performed at the 2000 Grammy Awards:

LEGENDARY: Keri Colby in Jennifer Lopez’s iconic Grammy 22 years ago.
Hair Traveler: Jennifer Lopez performed Irons on stage in Los Angeles.

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