May 29, 2023


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Siem Woldu Araya

– I hate going out the door without – NRK Sørlandet – Local news, TV and radio

The world changes, and therefore men must also change, says Sim Woldo Araya.

He takes several rings from his pocket and puts them on. He thinks he’s cute and adorable.

Araya is not alone. Something has to happen when it comes to men’s relationship with jewelry. Within a few years, a trend emerged.

Christopher Espinosa Garrido made the trip to a goldsmith in Kristiansand. There he stands and looks carefully at the products displayed in glass holders.

– It’s in a way “my little guilt happiness,” he says.

Now he is looking for new gold earrings.

For him, rings and jewelry became a way to express themselves. A way to stand out from the crowd.

Stylistic point above in one.

Christopher Espinosa Garrido is testing a potential new purchase at the jeweler. Without rings and jewelry, it feels a little boring and A4.

Photo: Victoria Marie Nordahl/NRK

international style icons

“I think a lot of people are starting to open their eyes to what accessories like jewelry can do to an outfit, perhaps not least to style,” says Elise Alexandra Gulbrandsen.

A stylist and journalist at VG, she has noticed that jewelry and rings are becoming part of the everyday look of an increasing number of men.

Gulbrandsen believes that many people have gained a sense of the personal touch that jewelry gives.

She also believes that international fashion icons have helped give the man on the street a new perspective on jewelry as an accessory.

Fashion trends like Harry Styles have helped show that jewelry for men is no longer reserved for cufflinks and tie pins.

Harry Styles, Instagram.

With his experimental style, Harry Styles in recent years has become a fashion favorite and a style icon for fans all over the world.

Photo: screenshot / Instagram

Harry Styles, Instagram.
Photo: screenshot / Instagram
Harry Styles, Instagram
Photo: screenshot / Instagram

The interest in bling can also be seen in the largest chains of goldsmiths in the country.

Over the past three years, sales of men’s jewelry and rings in our stores and online shopping have doubled, Björklund’s Marketing Director Vibeki Holan tells NRK.

The Mestergull series confirms progress.

“Men are clearly more interested in grooming themselves than before, and we see that jewelry is very much a part of their everyday outfit,” says product manager Nina Wasom.

The interest is greater among young people.

– The standard ring size for boys is actually smaller now, because little boys are such a large group of customers, she adds.

Adrian Sellevoll, screenshot taken on 27.05.2022

Many Norwegian celebrities threw themselves in this direction. Among them is the music artist Adrian Silvole.

Photo: screenshot: Instagram

Chris Holsten, screenshot taken on May 27, 2022

Artist Chris Holsten often adds a touch of elegance to rings or jewelry.

Photo: screenshot: Instagram

Pierre-Louis, screenshot taken on 27.05.2022

The same goes for reality contestant and host Pierre-Louis.

Photo: screenshot: Instagram

Erlend Elias, screenshot taken on 27.05.2022

Erlend Elias Bragstad combines everything from earrings to jewelry, rings and watches as accessories.

Photo: screenshot: Instagram

Ruben, screenshot taken on 27.05.2022

Artist Robin, pictured here with a selection of jewelry around his neck.

Photo: screenshot: Instagram /gurosommer

– The world is changing

Embret Henock Haldammen influences American rappers and celebrities are believed to have helped make jewelry popular with men.

When he started wearing jewelry in the sixth grade of elementary school, rapper Snoop Dogg was a huge inspiration.

The 23-year-old from Kristiansand wears jewelry and calls daily.

– I hate going out the door without. Then he says that it often happens that I turn around.

Embritt Haldemann

Embret Haldammen uses jewelry to stand out and add something extra to her style. Without luster, he feels a shame.

Photo: Sondre Maurstad / Maurstadmedia

Snoop Dogg Hoff

It is inspired by Snoop Dogg, rappers, and other American celebrities.

Haldamine says most people in his circle of friends use jewelry, rings, and watches to spice up the style.

Where he used to experience negative reviews because of his jewelry, he’s now receiving positive feedback and questions about where to buy them.

It is something that is becoming more pervasive and socially acceptable.

Jewelery trend, Sandens Shopping Center

Siem Woldu Araya from Kristiansand thinks it is good that jewelry and rings are becoming more and more popular among men.

Photo: Victoria Marie Nordahl/NRK

hot or not?

But what do the ladies think, then, that men have embraced the jewelry trend?

– It does something with style. Benedict Gregg says it looks a bit more.

– I think she’s very nice. It doesn’t work for everyone, says Tommen Hananger.

The two girlfriends are still without a doubt whether men are prettier with or without bling:

It’s time to stay

Back at the Kristiansand jeweler, Christopher Espinosa Garrido is still looking for earrings. In addition, he found himself some rings that he would be tempting to buy.

At home, Garrido has at least 20 episodes. It is estimated that he spent more than 20,000 crowns on the jewelry collection.

But there is always room for more:

It is preferable to go several episodes at a time stack Like each other on top of each other.

Garrido also believes that jewelry and rings as men’s accessories are becoming increasingly accepted.

However, it is believed that the style is still unfamiliar to the older guard.

He experienced this himself as soon as he returned home with a pearl necklace around his neck.

– My mom and they are not used to it, but I think it’s very nice. He says with a smile, I have friends who use it too, so it has become more agreeable between us.

Christopher Espinosa
Photo: Victoria Marie Nordahl/NRK

Fashion expert Elise Alexandra Gulbrandsen thinks this trend is here to stay.

“I think we’re ready to wear a little more after two years of the pandemic, and that we’ll be there for a while,” she says, adding:

And I think jewelry will be a natural part of the way we decorate ourselves in the future.

Have you noticed that men’s fashion has changed?

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