– I was given a sentence – VG

- I was given a sentence - VG

The Norwegian Skating Association’s board of directors was told that the jumping committee had agreed with General Secretary Engfeld Pritten-Berg not to extend the contract of Claes Brady Brathin (52). But the jumping commission did not make a decision in the case.

This was confirmed by the current chair of the committee, Christian Brenden:

“At no time was a formal decision taken by the jumping committee not to extend Clas Brede Bråthen’s contract.”, writes in an email to VG.

It’s been two months since the nagging conflict between the Norwegian Ski Association’s top management and Claes Brady Brathin was shelved at a press conference in Oslo: sporting director Brathin was allowed to continue with the federation, this time as the club’s national team manager. Norwegian jumpers.

This week it became known that the Ski Association Three million kroner was spent on the case.

A commission of inquiry has now been set up to address the raging conflict. The interviews with the key players have already been taking place for several weeks, and in mid-January the commission will present a report.

VG knows that the Ski Council report from August 24 was a topic in the committee: One of the issues that came up at today’s board meeting was a briefing from General Secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg about the ongoing conflict with jump manager Clas Brede Bråten.

I Minutes of the meeting under the item «Report of the Secretary-General», Is it called:

«[…] hoppkomiteOne of them and the Secretary-General agree not to offer an extension to the Director of Sports […]»

It was then claimed that the collaboration with Bråthen could have been terminated without the law’s requirement of an “objective reason” to take the dismissal into account, since his consent was limited in time.

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“However, the Jump Committee and the Secretary-General justified the decision on the basis of the employee’s circumstances.” She says in minutes.

SKI TOPER: General Secretary Ingvild Bretten Berg and Ski Head Erik Røste wanted to get rid of Clas Brede Bråthen.

– overtake

This wording made several jumping committee members react, VG was informed.

Because the committee never accepted anyone resolution Who said they agreed with General Secretary Engfield Brittenburg that Claes Brady Brathin had to leave after 17 years in the job.

Former great jumper Per Bergerud pulled out of the jumping committee in protest in October. VG knows that the way the jump commission was counted as income for Ingvild Bretten Berg’s view of the Ski Association’s board of directors, was one reason.

– We in the jump commission testified that we got this opinion without having dealt with the issue before us in the commission, says Per Bergerud.

– If Engfield Brittenburg and the Jump Committee are informed of the Board’s approval, I see that this is not true. We never made a decision to support the Snowboarding Federation not to extend the contract with Clas Brede. He says there are no minutes about it.

The essence of the dispute: This is a fax from the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting, which states that the Jump Committee agreed with the Secretary General. The title is yellowish from VG.

They will not be interviewed

The Jump Committee has only published one meeting report as of 2021/2022. It’s from August 18 this year. The Clas Brede Bråthen case was not mentioned in the minutes.

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– We received a net briefing from the Ski Association, through Ingvild Bretten Berg, about the situation. But there was no discussion or conclusion that the Ski Jump Committee supported the Ski Association that the contract with Clas Brede Bråthen should not be extended, Bergerud says.

VG has requested a telephone interview with both Ingvild General Secretary Bretten Berg and former Jump Committee Chairman Alf Tore Haug regarding this issue. The Norwegian Ski Association doesn’t want that, Director of Communications Espen Graf stated in an email.

“The skateboard gained insight into the jump committee’s position at the August 24 board meeting. There was no doubt about the position of the case at that time, nor the position of the jumping committee, which also appeared in the email correspondence. So the minutes are correct.” Graff writes.

However, he does not know if the jumping committee voted on the Bråthen case before Bretten Berg took the committee as input for its opinion when it reported to the Skating Board.

But this does not mean that this was not the position of the Committee at the time. We have written documents that I consider internal and do not want to send them to the media, “ Graff writes.

Claims agreement: Jumping commission chair Alf Tory Hogg has resigned.

Urgency responds

Clas Brede Bråthen responds to this. He asserts that the jumping committee did not take any decision in the case.

– And such a case is serious enough that it should be treated as a matter of decision, he believes.

Alf Tory Hogg, who resigned as chairman of the jump committee as a result of the case this fall, claims that the committee agreed with Britten Berg:

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“Let’s be absolutely clear that at this time in August the jump committee has stood together and agreed that Bråthen not receive an extended contract. The main reason was the Special Committee’s experiences trying to find a solution, and this has also been expressed in writing in several contexts. There may have been different approaches on the committee regarding other potential roles in jumping, but not to give Prathin an additional role as athletic director.” Haug writes in an email to VG.

Clas Brede Bråthen reacts again:

– What Alf Tory Hogg says here, he has never informed me. Nor does it agree with what the remaining members of the Committee have told me about the facts of the case. They say there is no such decision, he says.

Christian Brenden, who took over as head of the jump committee, describes the situation as a requirement in the late summer, and that it may seem difficult to reach agreement on Prathin’s future.

“There were several different solutions on the table in August as well as throughout the fall, and no conclusion was reached until November 21, 2021.”, writes in an email to VG.

National Team Manager: Clas Brede Bråthen (pictured) has been awarded a four-year contract as the manager of the Norwegian national jump team, following backlash from sponsors, coaches and jumpers in the summer and fall.

expectation to learn

For two weeks, the Norwegian Ski Association appointed a committee to assess the way the Clas Brede Bråthen case was handled. Three members were assigned to the skateboard – which will be investigated themselves – while two members were drawn from the skate areas.

The committee was chaired by attorney Katharina Rice, who previously chaired the so-called “asthma committee” on behalf of the cross-country committee at the ski union.

A number of people who participated in the “Pratheen riots” earlier this year have held talks with the commission in recent weeks. These include Claes Brady Brathin himself and members of the Jump Committee.

“The jump committee now expects the evaluation committee that was set up to investigate the jumping issue to provide the necessary learning points we need to avoid falling into unfortunate situations like this in the future.” Christian Brenden writes to VG.

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