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Yellow card: Pål André Helland in discussion with referee Sivert Amland.

ÅRÅSEN (VG) (Lillestrøm – Kristiansund 1–1) LSK’s Pål André Helland’s reaction to former Mjøndalen coach Vegard Hansen’s comments on broadcasts from the football tour. New Discovery expert determined that Hyland intentionally stamped KBK’s Henrik Gisdahl at the last minutes.


– Oh oh oh. He can be arrested for that later. The latest discovery expert said during the Fotball Direkte on Sunday that he could avoid stepping on him there. Hyland says he is “shocked” by the comments.

Six minutes passed before full-time when veteran Hyland planted the knobs in the thigh of KBK’s Henrik Gisdahl. Commentator Arve Fuglem quickly proved that Helland was unlucky in this situation.

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Wiggard Hansen didn’t think so.

– I think this guy is really ugly. He said he could walk away from this situation.

Watch the situation here:

– Isn’t he just entering the racetrack? asked his friend Christian Joseth.

“Yes, sure, but he can only skip,” Hansen answered.

Josth: – Isn’t that what he’s trying to do?

Hansen: – number.

joseth: – What does he do then?

Hansen: – He seals it.

joseth: – Is he doing it on purpose?

Hansen: – yes. I’m sure about that. So he looks down. I think this guy is really ugly, Hansen says and believes that Hyland “should extend his leg” and “can walk away just fine.”

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New football expert: Vigaard Hansen finished his coaching job at Mjøndalen last week. He is now a Discovery+ expert.

When asked about Hansen’s remarks in Åråsen’s interview area, Hyland re-shoots aggressively.

– I was shocked when I confronted her after the match. It didn’t feel like it was then and there, Hyland tells VG.

– Gjesdal walks in front of me and I jump so I don’t hurt myself. It slips where I’m going. If I was 16 and was a gymnast, I could push myself up, land all over and dodge. But I had to land somewhere, says the 32-year-old, before he quickly adds:

I would rather not go down on it and put myself in danger of overtaking it. This was not intended at all. If I wanted to do anything else, I had to stand with my feet on the ground. Then I put myself at risk of serious injury. You have to jump.

– Don’t you think this was a late stamp that could have given you a card?

– No no. definitely. Then I know that the boys in the studio have to speak in big titles and create flicks. I know all about it. It makes no sense to say that it can be one and the other. They have to take a strong stand and then it will be like that, says Hyland, who works himself as a football expert at Viaplay.

Gjesdal tells VG that he believes in Helland’s interpretation. At the same time, he thinks trønder could have avoided planting the handles in him, if he had really tried to get away.

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– I would probably set my feet somewhere else, but I doubt he went to try to hurt me. I saw Helland’s comments and chose to believe it was an accident, says VG’s KBK player.

The match ended at Åråsen 1-1 after Thomas Lynn Olsen disallowed an offside goal in extra time. LSK is third in the table, seven points behind league leaders Molde.

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