Mark Coleman – Tragedy: A New Message

Mark Coleman – Tragedy: A New Message

MMA legend Mark Coleman, who became the first-ever Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion, returns home after surviving a serious fire.

He broke up: said goodbye

The 59-year-old was prepared to sacrifice his life when he rescued his parents from their burning home last week. For a long time it was uncertain whether Coleman would survive, but he is now so healthy that he has been allowed to return home from the hospital in Toledo, Ohio.

– My childhood home burned down. Everything was destroyed. It's a miracle that my parents and I survived. Thank you so much for all the support and love you have received. I had no idea so many people cared,” says a visibly emotional Coleman in a new statement on social media.

Ask your fans for help

Coincidentally, Coleman was sleeping with his parents on the night in question, and was awakened by the dog Hammer, who warned of the fire.

Coleman ran in and out of the house several times to rescue his parents and Hammer. The parents managed to do so, but unfortunately the dog died of his injuries.

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– The only thing that consoles me is that he did not burn to death, but rather died of smoke poisoning. He was found under the bed with all his hair intact. He was the best dog in the world and I will never forget him,” Coleman said via Instagram.

After the tragedy, Coleman had a new happy message to his Instagram followers: The 59-year-old bought himself a new four-legged companion.

Tragedy: A New Message

It's impossible to replace the hammer, but it's okay to find love again. He has big shoes to fill. We missed you, Hammer. By the way, I need help finding a suitable name,” Coleman wrote on Instagram.


Coleman is considered one of the greatest players in the martial arts community. The former UFC champion has been inducted into the organization's “Hall of Fame.”

Before his MMA career, Coleman was a successful wrestler. He won several titles, and participated in the Summer Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, where he placed seventh.

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