June 6, 2023


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– I will join you next season

A shocking statement from the Roma player when Trent Alexander-Arnold took his hand during the England match.

Tammy Abraham was filmed telling Trent Alexander-Arnold that he will join Liverpool before next season.

Liverpool have shown interest in the former Chelsea striker before, but that was exciting anyway. But it was supposed to be a joke.

– Coach, good luck, I’ll join you next season, you can hear Ibrahim say in the recording.

Alexander-Arnold’s smile might indicate that he didn’t take the letter seriously, perhaps no one but him should? Most of the people who mentioned the incident at least seem to think this was said as a joke.

He achieved great success in Rome

Abraham has played heavily for Roma since they bought him from Chelsea for £34m last summer.

Contracted with Roma until 2026, it is unlikely that Liverpool will be able to buy a player who has many years left on his contract with one of the major European clubs.

The former Chelsea striker played 53 games this season, scoring 27 goals and scoring five assists for Jose Mourinho’s team. He scored nine goals in 13 matches on his way to winning the European League title. Roma came sixth in Serie A, and the 24-year-old came fourth on the scorers list there.

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