Responds to Star Meet ticket prices:

Responds to Star Meet ticket prices:

On Tuesday, it became clear that Manchester United and Atletico Madrid We meet on the Ullevaal mat for a training match this summer.

This is the third time in five years that the top English team has played a season-long match against Norway and Ulival.

The original plan for Sandra Bertelsen MacLeod, 30, and her two children, aged six and seven, was to attend Manchester United – Atlético de Madrid on July 30 on the national stage.

Even the ticket prices were released.

The United player with the moment of the season in the Champions League

– in excess

An enthusiastic Manchester United fan responded to the fact that the price of all three came to nearly 3,000 crowns.

– It’s special that a practice match, which you know ends 0-0, costs more than 900 wives per ticket, since there’s also no difference in prices between kids and adults, McCloud tells TV 2.

On Friday, advance tickets were issued for the match at the Norwegian fan clubs. Rising demand led to the closing of the pre-sale two days earlier than planned. The remaining tickets will be issued on Monday.

In total, tickets cost from 650 kronor to 1475 kroner.

– We fall to go. Sorry, but the prices are excessive. I think it’s beautiful. She says it’s cheaper to travel for a match to Old Trafford – flights included, and she says the kids took the message that there would be no match for the socket.

Going on weekends to the zoo with the kids costs the same, as we’ll do later this summer.

Kamel: The last time Manchester United played in Norway, there was a full squad on the national stage. The opponent was KBK in 2019. Photo: Udon Brastad

Realize it costs

Sports events company ProUnite is behind the match. The company’s Sjur Mørk acknowledges that it costs to send the big teams to Norway.

– I think it costs a bit. But it has its price in bringing football teams to the top flight, in the same way it costs bringing Bruce Springsteen and Elton John to Norway. But we see that the market has responded to the price level we set, says Mork.

We feel the interest about the match as being exceptionally big. “There has been a pressure on tickets that I haven’t faced since Liverpool came to Norway in 2008.

On the other hand, McLeod believes that ticket prices prevent many fans from getting a glimpse of the Manchester United squad just before the start of the season.

Many people are excluded from watching the match with the high prices. Especially those who do not have the opportunity to travel to England.

Members flock

Bernt Hornevik is the general manager of the Scandinavian Fan Club of Manchester United.

According to him, a purge has taken place with new members in connection with the Atlético match.

– We’ve never experienced a place of interest. There are many who want to become members.

United fan club captain Bernt Hornevik (left) with Ronnie Dela and Ronnie Johnson in 2017. Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

United fan club captain Bernt Hornevik (left) with Ronnie Dela and Ronnie Johnson in 2017. Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

Many contact the supportive manager about ticket prices.

– We have received a number of questions on this topic. One sees it written about her on social media.

I follow the thinking of dear people. But getting Manchester United comes at a price. Without underestimating the Norwegian teams, there is a relatively big difference in Atletico Madrid, compared to playing against other Norwegian teams.

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