– Don’t think Uno-X needs Kristoff – VG

- Don't think Uno-X needs Kristoff - VG
Back to top: Alexandre Kristof (white, dark blue and light yellow) has had a lot of good results this season. Here in front of large portions of Team Uno-X on the final stage of the Tour of Norway in Stavanger city centre, a stage which Kristof won.

According to TV 2, the new Norwegian cycling team Uno-X Pro will be the next stop for Alexander Kristof (34). Thor Hushovd (44) hopes this will not mean a change in team philosophy.


After a rather weak season in 2021, Alexander Kristof is back again. The 34-year-old signed a one-year contract pre-season this year with Intermarché-Wanty Gobert, and with Eritrean Biniam Girmay, Christophe has led what has been an impressive season for the Belgian side.

Christophe has racked up three victories this year and billed himself at Team Intermarché at this summer’s Tour de France – a race he had to contest last year before his first since debuting in 2013.

Cycling Magazine He wrote last week that both Intermarché and Uno-X have offered Christophe a three-year contract. Earlier this week can TV 2 She reported that Kristof has reached an agreement with Uno-X. Cycling transfers are not permitted to be advertised before August 1st.

Where does the road go? Thor Hushovd (left) has shown the road for many years as the only route in Norwegian road cycling. In recent years, Alexander Kristof (right) has been the only figure in Norwegian men’s cycling. Here are the two of them on a training trip before their joint WC start in 2010, a trip that Hushofd himself won.

Thor Hushovd himself did not have the opportunity to ride on a Norwegian professional team, and says the following about the alleged agreement between Uno-X and Kristoff.

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– First I want to say that it is a good signature for Alexander Kristof. Hushovd tells VG it’s great to finish your career with three years on a Norwegian team and on a team that is rising.

– On the other hand, I don’t think Uno-X needs Kristoff. They have created an image around that they focus on young Scandinavian riders, especially Norwegian and Danish riders. It is sexy and many people like it. They are known to work hard and train well. This is what became the philosophy of Uno-X. Hushovd continues: I hope they can keep it.

On the button: From left: Alexander Kristof, Thor Hushofd and Gabriel Rush talk together before the start at Paris-Roubaix in 2014. Rush quit after the race, while Hushofd quit after the season.

It’s clear that Uno-X Pro Cycling’s team manager, Jens Haugland, will not comment on a potential agreement with Kristoff, but says:

– It’s interesting what Thor asks. I agree with him a lot in some way, Hoagland says, but somehow I don’t.

There are a lot of exciting things on the way, and you need some role models. Thor is himself an example of such a role model. Once again, I can refer to a football club like Ajax. They have “a lot of little fillies” and then they have some players over the age of 30 who help set the standard in training and fighting. If the Uno-X is going to continue to rise, we need a role model that shows the way, he says.

On the men’s team at Uno-X today, Lacey Norman Hansen (30) is the only one over 27.

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Haugland several times before has commented positively on Kristoff, and repeats to VG:

I’ve always said I have great respect for athletes who at that age show a willingness to take risks to perform. Who understood what it takes to be 100% professional on sunny and rainy days. Alexander Kristof, et al., are in this category, says Hoagland.

Bike Manager: Jens Haugland (center) is the team manager for Uno-X. Here he is flanked by Kurt Asel Arvissen (left) and Stig Christiansen (right).

Haushofd retired after the 2014 season, after cycling in his last three seasons with the Swiss-American professional team BMC.

Would you like to be a similar team when you finish your career?

It might be a dream for all cyclists, but it has to work. I had never been to a Norwegian team when I signed the agreement I had with BMC. After that I was too hungry to win the big races, says Southern.

note! VG has been in contact with Christophe, who does not want to comment on the case.

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