Why do we who point out the enemy’s biological facts?

Why do we who point out the enemy's biological facts?

So I will not complain that my article is about him Sex in VG led to Rashidi Cafe Many others threw themselves into the debate.

But it is dishonest that the reactions of critics contradict opinions and positions that I did not express before.

Al-Rashidi is a good and recognized doctor, and now he is coming out against me because he assumes I have an old vision of biology and is bothering people.

What I said was that humans as a species have only two biological sexes, but that it is still “important to realize that some feel something other than what they are, perhaps even as something in between”.

Since Al-Rashidi claims that I have an ancient view, he must explain to us what the updated view of human biology and sexuality is.

As far as I know, biology as a science has not brought any news that man has more than two sexes.

Nor can men give birth to children, although some legitimate men (transgender men in this case) may give birth to children with their female bodies.

The problem with this debate is that many make a very poor distinction between the concept of gender, which is at the bottom of biological identity, and gender identity, which is self-experienced.

I acknowledge that some people feel they have a different gender than they were born with and that there are more gender identities.

I respect people who feel different and happy because we are a diverse community.

In the debate about gender, one must be able to distinguish between gender and gender identity, because there are two different sizes.

What I argue against in my debate posts on this topic is not gender identity and perceived gender. What I oppose are false claims about biological sex.

I would caution against a development in which people who comment on biological facts are labeled as intolerant.

I and everyone who agrees with me are not a threat to diversity. So why do you make us enemies?

Diversity and respect for science do not have to be opposites. One must take this discussion on the right footing.

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