Marit Bjørgen – Bjørgen on Lundby’s weight struggle:

Marit Bjørgen - Bjørgen on Lundby's weight struggle:

I think it would be great if Maren could come out and tell her story. Marit Björgen tells Dagbladet regarding the release of “Vinnerhjerte” that it is very difficult to be public about your weight.

Last week, Maren Lundby opened up about it She’s facing the Olympics, as she struggles to meet the weight requirements. She is not ready to irresponsibly lose weight to get ready for the tournament.

“There are great demands on different things in snowboarding, and weight is one of them,” said Lundby, weeping NRK.

Snowboarding has since been praised by an entire nation. Now the Winter Olympics at that time also speak:

“I think this is a great inspiration and role model for many young girls,” Bjorgen continues.

Eating disorders Marit Bjørgen encourages people to open up about eating disorders in order to gain insight and knowledge. Video: Dagbladet
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Eating habits have changed

In Winner’s Heart, Björgen talks about how eating habits changed within the national team at the end of the 2000s. Food problems are something Bjørgen has also had to deal with.

There are no eating disorders when you are in the national team. But it is about doing the best sports and there are small margins. Weight may play a role. It may take a little focus from time to time. It has been noticed from time to time that it can take away some of the fun of the sport. It was a tough time for many, she told Dagbladet.

She believes it is important to remember that elite athletes are role models for younger athletes. This is something worth thinking about.

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For more people to come forward and tell their own stories, you can gain more knowledge as coaches and parents.

– Not the problem

In the newly released book, Björgen, who himself felt the pressure of the body, talks about an unpleasant episode On “Skavlan” back in 2010, where she was asked to show off and tighten her biceps.

She also felt like her body was being commented on inappropriately, even multiple times.

Muscles: Marit Björgen publishes a book that contains, among other things, her experience with others who are critical of her body. Video: Dagbladet
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Björgen, who witnessed many close friends around him who struggled with eating disorders all the time, was particularly upset by a statement from coaches and managers:

“It’s hard to get enough food when you exercise a lot.”

She points out that this is not the problem:

“It’s not hard to get enough from food, but you have to agree that the body needs it, and then you have to do a good routine based on it,” she says in the book.

But Björgen is also divided over the criticism. She believes that those who advocate openness should bear in mind that this is a disease. The 41-year-old calls for more openness.

You often hear that if you exercise, it is difficult to get enough nutrition. That’s not it. You have to be as good in the area as you are in training too. Bjørgen explains to Dagbladet that it’s a good idea to have a good structure for her, before she continues:

For me, it was important to never leave the dining table until I was full. I knew my body needed it to recover and endure the training until it was extinguished.

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