-I will never swim again

-I will never swim again

“What is this???”

Here's how to start a post posted by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation Facebook.

Attached are two photos of what may at first appear to be extraterrestrial jelly-like eggs or frogs.

This post is now spreading across the internet, and many people are wondering what on earth they are looking at.

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Jelly-like balls

The agency wrote that they found the mysterious creatures in McGee Creek Lake outside the small town of Atoka in Oklahoma, USA.

“If you are out with your boat at McGee Creek Reservoir, you can see these strange jelly-like balls hanging on submerged tree limbs,” they wrote.

Underwater: Lichen organisms pictured at McGee Creek. picture:
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Colonial forms

They also explain that what you see in the pictures are not eggs, but rather what are called algal animals.

Moss animals form a separate order in the animal kingdom. They are small, often sessile, colony-forming animals, according to… The Great Norwegian Encyclopedia.

The reason they look and feel like jelly is because the animals' shells are made of a substance called chitin.

DRAS OPP: Believe it or not, this is actually a good sign!  Photo: Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

DRAS OPP: Believe it or not, this is actually a good sign! Photo: Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
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-He had a fever

In the comments section, things are going well. Many write that they have never heard of algae before, and that they would have been completely terrified if they had encountered them while swimming.

The animals are compared to “Godzilla eggs”, and are called UFOs – “floating extraterrestrial objects.”

These are just some of the many comments:

“If I had worn this in the water, I would have been very hot.”

“Very disgusting! I will never swim again.”

“I've practically lived on the water for over 60 years, but when I started seeing these things here at Wister Lake last summer, I thought aliens had landed.”

“Thanks for the tutorial – I thought there was something wrong with the water!”

A four-year-old boy died of a heroin overdose

A four-year-old boy died of a heroin overdose

– do not worry

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation wrote that many algae animals will appear in the water this summer, and that there is no cause for concern.

“Don't be afraid, these microorganisms are natural, and pose no danger to you or wildlife. In fact, they are an indicator of good environmental quality and clean water!”

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