More snow may come

More snow may come

The week leading up to Easter is characterized by gray and wet weather across large parts of the country.

After a long winter characterized by a changing climate of extreme cold and snow chaos, mild weather and rain – is spring just beginning?

– Now I'm going to be very boring, this is spring, it changes from day to day, says meteorologist Marit Berger.

For now, there doesn't appear to be any new large-scale snow in the lowlands, but the institute's long-term forecasts are uncertain.

– Not sure if we saw the last snowfall. If there is snow in the lowlands, I don't think it will stay that way, but we could still get some white rain. The further inland, and the higher the elevation, the greater the probability of snowfall, Berger says.

These will be Easter weather winners

The company's forecasts for Easter week are also uncertain, but as with this week, the weather will be characterized by low pressure activity.

This means periods of rain and wind, but some good days, with the forecast now giving no clear answer as to which days good weather is expected.

– At least for now, without much pessimism, it doesn't look like there will be a glorious Easter, says Berger.

Feels like 62.3 degrees

However, if the forecasts are to be believed, there are weather winners: those of you who will be spending Easter in Svalbard or northern Norway.

– This is because there are not many low pressure depressions when they reach northern Norway. It looks like it's going to be a bit cooler, at least for the start of Easter week, but very good conditions, Berger says.

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For southern Norway, it looks bad. More precipitation is expected in western Norway, but it's hard to say how much at the moment. Temperatures are expected to increase in low-lying areas.

Easter warns of exodus

If you're among those spending Easter in the mountains, it's likely that temperatures will stay on the minus side throughout Easter.

– Now there's a slight hint of warmer temperatures for the Easter weekend, but it's far from certain that it will be as mild as it appears. I like to think it will hold up well in the mountains, says Berger.

If the meteorologist is right, there is plenty of room for snow activities in the mountains. It is not certain that you will stay in the sun wall for long.

The meteorologist recalls the NVEs Avalanche warningand encourages you to check these regularly.

Especially if you are heading to or over the mountains in southern Norway, particularly challenging conditions are expected this coming Friday and Saturday, with strong winds and precipitation in the mountains and western Norway.

– Driving conditions and closed mountain roads may be present, so Berger says these are not necessarily the best days to go.

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