I would like Magnus Williamson, Humor | Odd-Magnus Williamson reveals a possible return: – I think his career is over

I would like Magnus Williamson, Humor |  Odd-Magnus Williamson reveals a possible return: – I think his career is over

TEATERKJELLER’N/AKERSGATA (Nettavisen): Odd-Magnus Williamsson is a familiar face to the Norwegian population after participating in comedy shows such as “Thursday Evening from Nydalen” and “Manshow”. More recently, he has also become an actor in bigger productions such as “Kon Tiki”, “Nobel” and “Ragnarock”.

Lately, we’ve seen less of the “comedian Odd-Magnus”, but when Mads Hansen started the fourth season of the comedy show “Ikke lovå le på hytta” Williamson was among the participants.

When Nettavisen met Williamson in connection with the premiere of André Jerman’s new show, “Alt om min Jeddah,” he said it added flavor to the comeback scene, and that the response afterward was good.

– The reactions after “No Laughing in the Cabin” were very good! I thought my career was over. I felt that way after doing the worst show ever. So when people said I was good, I thought, “Maybe I can keep going a little longer,” Williamson told Netafsen.

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Heralds a return to the world of humor

Williamson reveals that Norwegian audiences could see more of him on the comedy scene in the future when asked if it’s more fun to be on a comedy show again.

– Yes! Now I actually miss the comedy. Back in the game, Williamson answers after thinking about it a bit.

Recently, many comedians have received negative reactions and complaints after joking about sensitive topics. Williamson is clear that there should be room for comedians to joke about everything, but at the same time he admits that you have to be careful about what you say and when you say it.

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– No, you only have to do it in secret, not in public. I had a 35-minute conversation on my way here with Sigrid Bond Tosvik, where we covered both sides of the argument [Israel mot Hamas, journ.anm.] And we laughed to death. Then we have to really empty ourselves, but we probably won’t go out on stage, no, Williamson laughs.

Snort of NRK criticism

The broadcast of “Nytt på Nytt” last Friday sparked a storm of complaints against NRK, as a result of jokes about the war between Israel and Hamas.

By Monday, the Broadcasting Board had received 600 complaints about the broadcast, with young Conservative Party leader Ola Svineby, 26, saying, among other things, that it could be difficult to choose a side in the war.

Comedian Odd Magnus Williamson (43 years old), for his part, believes that 600 complaints submitted to the Broadcasting Council are not very many.

– Only 600 out of a million TV viewers complained? I think this means that almost no one reacts. 600, what is a million then? “It’s not even one percent,” the comedian laughs.

-I think you just have to strive for more. I don’t know what the joke is, but it’s good to have some fun.

Several Norwegian comic profiles Nettavisen spoke to on Thursday think the same thing. Others include Jonah Stummy (45), who believes humor is important when difficult things happen in the world.

-I think joking about ongoing conflicts can pose a greater risk. But the humor is new, so I like people who take risks. And when things are really painful, we need to laugh a little about it and create that distance so you can sleep at night, the comedian tells Nettavisen ahead of Jarman’s film premiere.

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