Ida Elise Bruch and Hermann Dahl outside “The Game”: – A bit painful

Ida Elise Bruch and Hermann Dahl outside “The Game”: – A bit painful

Both Ida Elise Bruch and Hermann Dahl ended up in the basement before escaping for good. Image: TV2

On Sunday, not only one, but two contestants were eliminated.

In the end, Ida Elise Bruch (36 years old) and Hermann Dahl (21 years old) had to leave the villa.

Shortly before Sunday's elimination, there were a lot of emotions when the Basement team decided to reveal their secret.

Now the upstairs team knows that the downstairs team knows which of them voted for the other participants during the previous eliminations.

– Zero percent remorse at all

Ida Elise Broch chose to vote for herself and encouraged other participants to do the same.

“This is also a choice I made for myself, and I know I will not burn myself over it, and I am completely at peace with it,” she says.

On Sunday's episode, Upstairs won the team competition – this despite the fact that only Danpei Choi from their team was active during the mission. Image: TV2

In an email to VG, Broch wrote that she comes from a family that loves board games and plays a lot. However, she had never played anything as complicated as “the game.”

-It was a very exciting experience! “I have absolutely zero percent regret,” she continued.

She adds:

– I played as I thought then and there.

The situation at home escalated over the weeks, and the tone among some participants became more and more tense.

In Sunday's episode, this was clearly expressed.

See more about this here:

When Bruch revealed to other participants on Sunday's episode that she was the one who voted for influencer Martine Lund, 28, Annette Hof, 62, responded:

-You say I feel Ida like a loose cannon on the deck of a ship, and I don't know if she's your best soldier in the war.

During a press conference after the taping, Bruch told VG that Hof's statement, that she was a loose cannon, was “absolutely true.”

– I didn't have certain tactics. I'm not good at this. I have learned now, because I now have experience. I would like to try again, because then I think I would have played differently.

“I'm not ready for this here, but I needed this here,” says Ida Elise Bruch. Image: TV2

“The Game” was nominated for Best Competition-Based Reality during this year’s Gullruten. Bruch thinks it's fun to be involved in something “at such a high level.”

– There are a lot of feathers that can be put in your cap, but the best are the group of quality people you have become friends with, you write more in an email.

I expected the result

Hermann Dahl, like Bruch, visited the cellar, but admittedly a little longer than she did.

After Sunday's elimination round, Dahl said the following with tears in his eyes:

– It was as expected, but at the same time it was a little painful. I haven't decided yet who Herman is. It bothered me a little there.

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Dahl explains to VG that he struggled to find his role among the gang in the villa, and wishes he had spoken up and contributed more.

– But when I got downstairs and became part of this team, I felt a greater sense of mastery and gradually discovered more about my identity.

Erik Thorstedt and Hermann Dahl prepared well during the previous team competition. Image: TV2

Furthermore, Dahl says he did not know what he was agreeing to, or who would be involved, before the recording began.

-It felt like a bubble burst. It was a mix of emotions. Finally, I was able to lower my shoulders, which says more about the result.

The 21-year-old says he is nonetheless very grateful to have experienced this, and to have gotten to know the Split gang.

Watch Martha Levstad's reaction when it became known that the selected participants lived in the basement:

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