Idaho, USA: – Murdered: Friends were at home

Idaho, USA: - Murdered: Friends were at home

Four college students in the US state of Idaho were found dead on Sunday in a home belonging to a student union.

Currently, the police have no suspects.

The investigation is fully underway.

– It was a horrific act, which took the lives of Ethan Chapin (20), Madison Maugin (21), Zana Kernodel (20) and Kylie Gunn Calvis (21), says Police Chief James Frey in Press Conference.

Request for information

Frey said at a press conference on Thursday night NST that the four dead must have been in the town in the early evening, and had returned home around 01.45 on Sunday evening.

The police stated that the murders took place in the morning hours of Sunday, and that they were notified around 12:00 noon.

“If anyone has any information about our victims or these times, please contact us,” Frey says.

– Were the others at home

At the press conference, the police chief said that there are more people living in the house than the number of victims.

– There were others in the house in the house, but we focus not just on them, but on everyone who came and went to the house in question, Frey says.

He says they were unharmed, and there was no hostage situation in the house. He did not explain why it took several hours before the companions of the deceased called the police.

They do not have suspect status and Fry will not say if they were witnesses to the accident.

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Knife kill

Fry says all four died of knife wounds, but no knife was found at the scene. There are no indications of the site being stormed.

– Autopsies are taking place today, says the police chief.

Investigators continue their efforts to find the suspect.

– Based on the signs at the scene, we consider this to be a lonely, targeted attack on the victims, he says, adding that they therefore do not believe there is any immediate danger to others in the vicinity.

However, he asks the locals to be vigilant.

What we do not know is the identity of the perpetrator or his whereabouts. We also don’t know where the knife was or what clothing the perpetrator was wearing, Frey says.

The university leader choked on tears

Scott Green is the president of the University of Idaho, where he studied the victims. He was clearly moved when he took the stage at the press conference.

– This procedure is beyond our understanding, he says, and he says that both students and staff take this very seriously.

All of the dead were students at the University of Idaho.

– First, I want to offer my condolences to the families and friends of Ethan, Madison, Zana, and Kylie, says Bucky’s college leader.

He says they are working with the police to help find out what happened, and he says they are working closely to follow up on everyone who needs it.

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