In Bergen living environment, there should be room for everyone

In Bergen living environment, there should be room for everyone

The controversy over housing drug addicts is intense, and the housing queues are not diminishing as they rage.

Labor politicians Leonora Hill and Reider Stallison do not find it unsafe to live with their families near three residences.
  • Radar Stalisin

    City Council Representative for the Workers’ Party in Bergen

  • Leonora Hill

    City Council Representative for the Workers’ Party in Bergen

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Our city is on top A statistic that no one can be proud of. In Bergen, 362 people are homeless, while 238 are queuing for municipal housing.

At a city council meeting on April 27, we discussed an issue around housing drug addicts. We respond forcefully to how many at the city council meeting spoke about this group of people.

It gives a bad feeling when hearing many of the city’s politicians, who are at the helm of the community, express that people are a big problem or a big challenge. These are the weak people who need society to defend them, neither them nor their new neighbors will help them by referring to them as such.

We are very disappointed that some of the parties we had previously were on the side of this group of people, and now they are not contributing to reducing the housing waiting list as much as possible.

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This is what the houses in Sandringen would look like according to the original plans.

We understand very well It is good for both children and adults to feel fear when new unknown neighbors come into the vicinity. However, we can say that these populations individually are similar to all of us.

They have challenges, but they also have hopes and dreams. They are someone’s son, someone’s daughter, or a mother or father. Some of them can be moved on the street without thinking about it, while others may face more obvious challenges.

We both live Two with our families in Sandviken, where we can meet all kinds of people. Near our apartments we have three residences within a relatively small radius. We have heroin-assisted therapy across the street, and we meet daily with these people who allegedly want to make the neighborhood unsafe.

On the other hand, we experience meeting happy people with a friendly face in the street, who greet and joke with Riddar’s son. And we meet people who care about not showing up in society – and who feel like a burden.

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we are happy That our families live in an area where we can meet all kinds of people, those who need help, those who don’t and that we all have shows that we use in the area. This is a comprehensive and generous city. It doesn’t mean that people who need our help are referred to as a problem.

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There has always been broad political agreement that all people in Bergen should have safe housing and good homes. However, it has been proven that some parties oppose this goal. On Wednesday, after a long battle, we were able to fulfill a small part of that promise. But we have a long way to go, and in the meantime, it’s worth thinking about how to talk about your fellow human beings.


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