Inclusion must take place in practice – Dagsavisen

Inclusion must take place in practice – Dagsavisen

We are all different, but we can respect each other’s differences and create a community. But to have a community, we must make an effort to build the right meeting places.

Schools, kindergartens and sports are such arenas. Volunteering is an invaluable effort. But we still lacked a neutral party room in town. It is important to be able to identify life’s major events and departures in a room where you feel welcome.

many think inclusion just about Fusion. But it is about much more than that. It is first about accepting that we humans are different, but we share common goals and desires. Gender, age, sexuality, gender identity, marital status, religion, and ethnicity have something to say about who you are, but they don’t say anything about your personality. For some, the alienation of society as a whole is great, and we as a society must work to better include it.

In particular, it concerns education and work. SV will work to achieve full employment for all able-bodied people, and provide educational courses for those who need them to get to work. Here, the municipality has many tools that can be used.

Milli Viken, sixth candidate for Fredrikstad SV.

Our campaign aims for Fredrikstad to take the lead in identifying obstacles to integration and inclusion.

For us, as a Solidarity Party, we also demand the seizure of power in favor of undocumented refugees, who are the most vulnerable in our society. We want to survey their number and how we can guarantee their basic human rights, in collaboration with state, county and voluntary organisations.

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The war in Ukraine, the extreme weather in several parts of the world this summer, and refugee disasters in the Mediterranean show that disasters and crises affect people on a large scale. We can all be hit by a disaster that rips the foundation of life out from under our feet and means we need the help of others.

In the climate crisis that we face and that will worsen, we know that there will be more refugees, more people will migrate and we must help take responsibility for the climate changes we have contributed to. At the same time, we know that an inclusive society will also give more space to others who feel left out.

And we know that an open and inclusive society has positive effects that go far beyond making marginalized groups feel at home.

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